Asshole stick: DIY USB destroyer the size of a thumbdrive


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I don’t see the difference, with the exception of the voltage (the kill stick uses “only” 200 V) the function is identical. or do I miss something?


this device class was covered here already: USB kill stick, another DIY version.

the second one has a great gif in the source article


The USB Kill Stick is designed for “testing”. It has the “interesting purpose” of being sold to “security professionals”.


and to make sure they ask on the order form…

Are you a Security Professional ____Yes ____No

Really? ____Yes ____No.


You are so wrong to give this idiot publicity. God knows what damage you have done, via idiots who see this


I thought that the perfect use case is for when the TSA/CPB illegally seizes your drives as you enter the country.


It just fries your USB port. It’s unlikely to damage your hard drive.

Discussed in depth here:

ETA: I see what you did there… :stuck_out_tongue:


Aren’t we in the process of sticking a human-sized/shaped version of this into the White House?


It’s only vaguely human shaped. They really fucked up the skintone and the scale of the hands. Almost like they were just going off of photos.

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