Astonishing comics that 'save your game' when you turn the page


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A very early Mac program allowed users to code their own text/graphics adventure games, and it was so much fun! Pretty sure it was based in HyperCard. Remember when programming was easy?

Also, isn’t the SQUID a shout-out to Johnny Mnemonic?

There’s an iOS version of Meanwhile available on iTunes.

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This man right here? He is our King.

Whoah. Some pretty cool ideas here. Somewhere back in the 80s a friend and I wrote a CYOA book (well, actually, it was a Fighting Fantasy book because that was the predominant variant in the UK) that featured something like a “save state” element, which let you do things in certain locations only if you had acquired information from a prior run - since the game was built around numbered paragraphs, you could do mathematical operations to go to particular paragraphs, but they only worked if you knew the right information first. And I think that the epic Sorcery! had something resembling that as well; that ran over four books which were standalone, but certain paths were only available if you had been following the whole story and had therefore picked up items from earlier books.

It’s great that Andrew Plotkin helped with that. Two great tastes that taste great together.

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At one time Jason Shiga used to have a version of Meanwhile that was readable/playable on the web, which was pretty awesome. The Meanwhile IOS app is great, however, and well worth the money to support both Shiga’s and Plotkin’s work.

For those wanting to sample a quick taste of something more linear, his comic Bookhunter is up at:
You’ve heard (or made) the jokes about Library Police, coming to get your overdue books? This takes it and runs with it, turning it into a noir action story about the toughest hard-boiled book cop of the Oakland Public Library.

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While not as complex as Jason’s work, I used to create “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” comics as a kid back in the 80’s where you would follow individually numbered panels. You can read one starring my superhero character Bedbug at

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