Astronaut's magnificent photo of SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule approaching the International Space Station

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If I was one of the astronauts on the ISS I’d secretly hitch a ride back on the capsule by putting on Ridley’s outfit. The extreme mortal danger of such an irresponsible stunt would be so worth it to see the looks on the ground crew’s faces when you scare the shit out of them when they come to remove you.


I’m surprised Elon didn’t try to this himself (on the way up).

They let a spacecraft with an occupant named “Ripley” dock with their station? That’s just begging for a xenomorph infestation.


I was a bit let down when I didn’t see a “Nostromo” Patch on the space suit.


Maybe they thought it would be a bit too on-the-nose if the first commercially-owned passenger spacecraft to dock with the ISS was carrying someone wearing a Weyland-Yutani company uniform.


Astronaut Anne McClain is kind of a badass – even more than most astronauts – 216 combat missions in helicopters and a Premier level women’s rugby player.


I’m pretty sure one or two female astronauts would describe some of the Russian astronauts in that way. There is history of the former being grabbed by the latter on ISS.

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Well NASA are talking up commercial space flight right now.

I watched the video where the ISS crew was taking out packages from under the capsule seats and they seems to be very creeped out by Ripley , kept looking over at the suit… unsettling for them maybe?

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Waiting for the chest to burst open most likely…

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She studied at Bath Uni and Bristol Uni, cool to see a US astronaut achieved her higher education at Universities based in my part of the world, I feel a real connection to the ISS knowing a member of the crew got there as a result of achievements here in the UK.

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That is a magnificent photo indeed; this is the kind of future I always looked forward to.

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Having spent some time arguing with flat-Earthers I am slightly worried by that upward-curving horizon. Can anyone explain?

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