At AdWeek event, Guardian ed says NSA spying 'goes beyond Orwell's imagination'


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“Orwell could never have imagined anything as complete as this, this concept of scooping up everything all the time.”

Wasn’t that pretty much exactly what he imagined?


If everyone who posts messages here called their f$%^ing representatives maybe we would see this thing shut down.

Big rally in Washington. We need it.


Yeah but its The Guardian so who cares? Its a nice soundbite cheap shot by the lefty equiv of The Daily Mail.

Sad…not too much response, well none actually…very sad.

lefty equiv of The Daily Mail

How about you back up that bold statement with some empirical evidence? Is the Guardian as unreliable as The Daily Mail? Prove it, please. Otherwise you just appear to be blowing false equivalency hot air instead of saying something interesting about the NSA topic at hand.

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Regardless of your bias, or their bias, if there is any, the Guardian should be a news source that is taken seriously about this issue since Snowden gave NSA documents directly to them through Greenwald. Now if you want to say that you are okay with the spying and/or feel that the Orwell reference is somehow off, with examples, then that would be a cogent argument. or opinion. What I’m getting from your comment is that you have animosity toward something/anything that you consider counter to your political affiliation, based solely on dedication and faith of/ to political philosophy, in general, without reviewing any facts. That, in the end, says more about you than the paper. In other words, I will not evaluate the statement based on facts or evidence because I have a preconceived notion about where they stand.


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