At anti-monopoly event, Al Franken blasts big tech

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“No one company should have the power to pick and choose which content reaches consumers and which doesn’t,”

In theory, but in practice it’s a whole other animal.


So Franken doesn’t quite have a handle on what tech companies should and should not do, and that means he needs to be educated on this

If you asked me to name one Senator who’d accept that education gladly and with good humour, it would be Franken (“the Giant of the Senate”).


And this is why infrastructure should be held in common (by govt). Whether it’s roads, waterways, or network connections. Or at very least the right of way should be legally enforced.


Both the politicians I most respect in this country, and the news sources I most respect in this country, are comedians.

I feel like this should bother me even more than it does.


Franken has a long way to go to win me back after he sat solidly in HRC’s camp last election cycle. This kind of anti-centrist talk will keep me watching him. He’s got to move completely away from the corporate interests and work for the people full time.


Maybe someday we’ll have an executive branch and congress that will actually enforce the Sherman Anti-Trust act.


Cory should reach out to Franken and offer to help educate him. Be a great combination!

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* sigh *
A country can dream. Maybe someday. A country can dream.

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Why’s he gotta inject politics at a gaming event…?

I just wish I had known about this… I hate that freakin’ game, too.

Comedians are likely to be well-equipped for politics; I’m surprised there isn’t more of it.

And I’m not just talking about being able to blow the doors off any tragic dad jokes that politicians occasionally dribble - I’m thinking more of an understanding of collective psychology.

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