At least 12 dead after fire guts London high-rise where residents complained about safety for years

omfg that PHOTO.
how awful!


The situation is apparent and disgusting. I feel shame at being a taxpayer in this country, and this happening. I thought we were beyond this kind of awfulness.

There is little speculation in the media about the number of dead. I think they have counted six from jumping. There are countless stories of children being caught in the midst of it all.

It remains a tragedy to be poor.

I am appalled.

I will drive for safety measures in my local area. I will do this.


They are not stupid, just greedy. Sprinklers cost money; fixing stuff is expensive; using nonflammable cladding is not cheap, and who’s ever going to start a fire from the outside, amirite?

Greed is good, greed trumps all.


Apparently this stuff is pretty common And that needs to change.


I agree.

I was remarking on their systematic deflection of issues.
But the root cause is greed, plain and simple.

I saw this on BBC America last night. I am still upset.
Those images haunted my sleep.

I’ve seen too many real-life close calls before.


I think you slightly mis-spoke there: greed is god.


the plastic interlayer is supposed to be treated with fire retardants.

How much do you want to bet the Chinese sourced product is missing the fire retardants.


Thank you. Another example of corner-cutting.
This is happening all over the world, in allegedly-modern countries.

Government can’t do anything because it isn’t allowed to do anything.
Then one hand washes the other.

12 reported dead now, according to the BBC

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That’s an appealing thought, but inaccurate. Government governs. There is a massive, massive failure here. Government can do anything.


Isn’t this tower what is called “council housing” in the UK? Isn’t the management company an ALMO which are not-for-profit? Is there something I’m missing here considering all the greed and profit comments? I’m not familiar with the in’s and out’s of council housing management.

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Yeah, statistical mis-match.
They should have compared against YTD correlations.

Justifying a reduction in fire deaths before the fact in order to justify a reduction in firefighters after the fact:

“Thanks for your many years of service! You can now retire as all buildings and accidents have been prevented for the foreseeable future!”


Same story on this side of The Pond.

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It’s a company limited by guarantee

Emphasis will be on low cost


I’m talking about the manufactured probability for failures as pretext to reduce government efficiency in order to justify further cuts to services, thus making more money for the private-sector.

This was not manufactured in the sense that someone wanted a catastrophic fire.

It was manufactured in the sense that bureaucratic procedures led the justification for foot-dragging on solving public-funding issues for people who were considered less-desirable. So that people with more money could get what they want.

And what did the people with more money want? New development in a rich neighborhood while “slapping some paint” on the time-honored problem of housing people with low market value.

Attracting new people and cycling out tenants who can’t pay inflating costs in a rich-person-only real estate market (read: rich-person-only gentrifying neighborhood). Eventually, redeveloping the property for tenants with more money altogether.

These were people without money that the higher-ups might see as figurative dead weight because they can’t figure out how to use them to their advantage.

Well, now they’re “dead weight” for real. It’s atrocious.

I bet questions are already being asked how such a tragedy can be used for political gain? The political shuffle will continue roiling the same stew.

Sure, government can do anything by forcing compliance. But compliance is inefficient in a rapidly-shifting marketplace of opportunists.

The politicians are looking to saddle their opponents with all the burdens of regulation while they themselves take on none of the responsibility. Winners, indeed.


Saw one of the firemen this morning say they had rescued 60-some people, some got out themselves… but there were over 100 apartments, i’d guess most with 2+ people living inside.

They did not say anything about how much of the building they had searched to get to 12 dead.


The other thing that one is reminded of is Ronan Point.


–It’s also possible that it wasn’t installed properly. A gap between the building and the new cladding would tend to enable the chimney effect. Poor installation is made as least somewhat more likely by the fact that this is a retrofit onto an existing building, which is inherently going to involve more fudging than new construction.

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And Lakanal House