London fire: just last year, Tory landlord-MPs rejected Labour's tenant safety law

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My deepest thoughts go out to these folks, I know all too well what it is to lose all your loved ones & personal things to fire. May they heal with the passing of time.


Politicizing this tragedy so soon after the event is pretty distasteful.


If not now, or, as the article stated, before - then when should the people start “politicizing”?


Yup. Completely. Not the lack of regulation and the negligence of the landlord. The talking about it is what’s distasteful.


How about after the dead are buried and the wounded cared for? How about after the building actually stops burning?

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I think you have things reversed here… fire safety standards (or lack thereof) was already a politicized subject. Tenants thought it was necessary, landlords didn’t think it was; the Conservative government sided with the landlords. The occurrence of a bigass, uncontrolled fire with numerous casualties doesn’t retroactively make it a non-political issue.


I should add that I’m also reacting to the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, not 5 miles away from me, and already seeing crackpot comments from assholes on Twitter and Reddit, already making great political hay on the events. I’m pretty much sick of the internet this morning, and none of you are helping.


OK. Wait a couple weeks, then start “politicizing” it. During that time another tragedy happens. Wait a couple more weeks, repeat ad nauseam. Yes, I’m being a bit hyperbolic, but only to state the ridiculousness of waiting for things to change.

I agree they should mourn the victims, but they shouldn’t wait for another tragedy to happen before trying to make changes.


Coming to the defense of those whose greed and neglect led to this tragedy may be even more distasteful.


You back in the UK, Cory? I thought you had moved out to California.

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I think you mean ‘absurd “leaseholder” system’. Freehold is the tenure for the great majority of houses and is more-or-less entirely yours (no landlords or ground rents etc.). Leasehold is the tenure for most flats, and is half way between purchase and renting: leases in the decades or centuries (and normally renewable for a small fee thereafter) for a capital sum, but an ongoing relationship with a landlord. For leasehold, ground rent payments and payments to maintain common areas are pretty standard.

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The residents of Grenfell tower have been complaining about poor safety for years.

When will it be OK to hold those who ignored their complaints responsible for this?

From reading news reports it looks like the former residents are already pointing fingers at the Conservative led council and government.


Are you suggesting that I’m providing any cover for their actions?


Oh, that.
I’m more than ready to politicize that.


Wait, what? A discussion of the root causes of a tragedy is now “politicizing” it? I’m sure the people who managed to escape this tragedy are very angry right now, given that they had repeatedly complained about the lack of safety in this very building. The people who didn’t make it no longer have a voice. We all should be angry on all their behalfs.

Who are the real “politicizers” here? Whose who want answers, or those who tell us we can’t discuss it?


The residents themselves are leading the cry for improvements in housing safety right now, today, this morning, whilst mourning their losses -

So please take your White Knight indignation to somewhere where it’s wanted.


I just read about the shooter. A Bernie supporter and “liberal”

I can already hear the right wing going nuts with that.

I’m pretty sure there are people way ahead of you on that.


The political response to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster started less than a week after the fire was doused and resulted in both immediate and long-term reforms, but at that time the public’s attention span lasted more than 48 hours.

Besides, unless one is a shoddy and greedy landlord or aligned with their interests, a call for improved housing standards for all isn’t particularly controversial or exploitative.