At least a dozen 'Loveint' episodes identified by NSA Inspector General

It’s the DoD. They LITERALLY have an acronym for everything. Where LITERALLY stands for …

The NSA is a rogue agency. It is governed by people who lie to and mislead congress while UNDER OATH. They intentionally and accidentally break they law. They trample our constitutional rights.

1). General Keith Alexander should be court-martialed for treason and for violating his oath to uphold the constitution. I support the death penalty in this case. I know it sounds harsh but hear me out: we need to send a message that the Constitution is ACTUALLY INVIOLABLE and if you are proven guilty of routine, categorial abuse when you are a public servant meant to uphold it, you will be executed. This should also have an ancillary effect of getting congress to straighten up and take notice that they are OUR employees and have responsibilities that they need to take seriously for a change.

2). The NSA needs to be de-funded in its entirety. Any surveillance apparatus that is created to replace it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up with appropriate constitutional checks, including a panel of 13? 23? randomly selected americans to act as public advocates.

3). All companies contracting for the NSA should have suit filed against them for constitutional abuses, and banned from government contracting for a lengthy period. 25 years?



Both employees resigned before any disciplinary action could be taken.

I wonder if the DOJ will be follow up on these cases and prosecute them as harshly as they would a copyright violator, a pot smoker, or Aaron Schwartz? I doubt it. This is only a Constitutional rights violation, and we all know how the alphabet agencies feel about that document.


It can’t be monitored or investigated by outside agencies since everything is considered highly classified and everything is always sealed. You’ll just have to take our word for it. If they declassify info for investigations then doesn’t it negate the need for the secrecy to begin with?

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Your idea sounds harsh at first, but I’m starting to feel that merciless persecution is the only way to rein in these agencies.

As inter-agency communication and cooperation improve under Homeland Security (an Orwellian phrase, if ever there was one), the shadow government that so many tin-foil hat types fear may finally come into being. This will not be because of some sinister plan, but through simple growth, because petty, ignorant, sheepish, whiny, single-issue voting Americans did nothing to stop it.


As pointed out by others, consider the harsh prosecution of Aaron Swartz, pot smokers, Occupiers, people of color that happens EVERY DAY, UNABATED.

These are all trivial. What the NSA has done is secretly assemble the technical apparatus of a surveillance state. As you rightly point out, we are near, if not past, a tipping point in the formation of a fascist police state.

The abuses of our constitution CANNOT stand if we want to retain the rights enshrined in it. This is PRECISELY why our country was formed in the first place.

I know I’m starting to sound like a tin-foil nutter, but I think they were right. Maybe what is needed is a government shutdown. Maybe what is needed is a violent revolution. I don’t know. All I know is that we are truly beginning to appreciate the size of the problem that lies before us, and it is not trivial.

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It’s absolutely a stalker song, intended as such, and played regularly at weddings, right after REM’s “The One I Love.”

LOVEINT is a data breach, even if it’s only done by employees with security clearances. That means it should be subject to the data breach notification laws that apply to other government agencies and private companies. So are they going to comply?

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“an employee for five years snooped on the phone calls of nine female foreign nationals”

an employee “eavesdropped for a month” on unauthorized numbers

Crack security standards you have there, NSA.

I believe I’ve read elsewhere that most of these incidents were discovered when they were self-reported.

Anyone who believes it was only 12 times is an idiot.

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