At least a dozen 'Loveint' episodes identified by NSA Inspector General




No abuses, and that’s no bullshit…

(edit: I wonder if Keith could get together with Sting and The Police for an epic cover of “Every Breath You Take”?)


This is why not to trust your government: it’s made up of people. And this is how people act.


This guy needs to be fired yesterday.


Yeah, that would be pretty accurate. (When it was recorded Sting remarked a year later in an interview that nobody seemed to have picked up on the darker surveillance aspect of the song.)

The song “Somebody’s Watching Me” by “Rockwell” would also be appropriate. (Though he calls out the IRS and the USPS as suspect.)

The song “Who Can It be Now” by “Man at Work” is a bit of a stretch. We KNOW who it is.


And did they think that we would never find out? Obviously yes!

I bet that there are a few divorce papers being prepared right now. :smile:


I call bullshit (as in this is only the tip of the iceberg) on two fronts:
A. If it is such a rare practice, why had an internal slang (LOVEINT) evolved to refer to it?
B. Who are these people that only fall in love with foreign nationals? It seems far more likely that they were also (more commonly) eavesdropping on domestic phone calls, but the NSA isn’t yet willing to admit that it routinely can and does do that.


So. The NSA is like cockroaches. If you shine enough light on them, they run away. Maybe we could kill them with fire. (And laser beams).


Did Eric Cartman find this out? :stuck_out_tongue: [see season 17 premiere for the reference]


Interesting that they were allowed to resign. I work for a phone company. Any employee found abusing the ability to monitor calls would be fired in an instant. I’m pretty sure this is a federal offence.


So, if I’m reading this correctly, the NSA reckon that this happens about once a year.

Seriously. How many times a day is this happening.


I still think this needs to become the theme song of the anti-surveillance movement.


Only if the Department of Justice doesn’t decline to prosecute, as happened in a few of the cases mentioned in the article.


prediction … in a year nothing will have been done. The Department of Justice has been a joke for more than a decade now.


Seriously. How many times a day is this happening.

I’m wondering more on a per minute basis…


possible investigation

They aren’t even at the infant stage of charges. They haven’t even seriously contemplated an investigation.


My husband studied at a university that was one of the NSA centers of excellence. I’ve lived abroad for the past 15 years, so our relationship started out long-distance. We had a running joke during our online courtship that we’d probably developed quite a fan club at the NSA. At our wedding reception, we did request Every Breath You Take, but the DJ never got around to playing it.


Unfortunately, cockroaches survive nearly everything.



No link; didn’t follow up.


First there has to be an investigation into allegations. The employee has to be informed of such, and has plenty of time to resign before the conclusion of the investigation. Still, it could also be a criminal offense, and there’s that. However, we may never know whether those charges were filed or whether anyone was tried and found guilty in ultra-secret courts.