Atari founder Nolan Bushnell's new virtual reality startup

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Chuck E. Cheese creator

So he’s finally taken responsibility for this crime?


I see goggles.

Goggles =/= Holodeck.


We used to go into downtown SF and throw some yuppy food coupons into that Virtuality arcade thing a few decades ago. This looks like half a step up from that, graphics and play-wise. Give me a Bioshock level of run/shoot (i.e. not perfect) and a engaging world and twisty storyline and maybe. This looks like an also-ran. Maybe their biz demo is better. Getting my sons off the couch would be nice, but in the real world they would be mugged, tripped for laughs or wander into traffic or something. meh

They didn’t catch the pokemon go craze and are functioning Hearthstone addicts. I think AR/VR on a big 5k phone is more likely to see mass adoption.

Hmm. Not so sure I believe the ‘smoke and mirrors’ ‘demo’. What I’m seeing is a prerendered background and overlays, with a couple of guys shot on green screen. Where’s the player viewpoints, as seen through the headset?

Not saying they don’t have something cool, but that video is not it.

This product is already DOA and I don’t know how these guys are going through the motions.

The experience will be dictated by the software and who is going to develop software for this platform? The demo looks woeful.

It will be eaten alive by consumer grade VR which will have a significant software development effort behind it and a far superior experience, even if they are producing a technically superior platform.

I appreciate Bushnell is a legend but this is a fucking stupid idea.

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