Audio edition of Pacific Edge, the most uplifting novel in my library


Link was busted when I tried it. Wonder if they are going to do the whole Gold Coast/Three California trilogy.

Link “works” for me but wants me to pay $15.96 or “1 credit”


If they were I think they’d have done them in order. I can’t imagine the rights to the trilogy being broken up amongst different suitors, but I’m not in publishing so what do I know?

Heh, you know, I’m an idiot. I read DRM-free as “free” with the help of some well-placed word wrapping.


Is there an ebook version yet? I’ve looked for one on and off for the past couple of years without success.

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Looks like Amazon has a kindle edition for 9.99.

For those who have read this, can I jump right into this book, or would I be better off reading Wild Shore and Gold Coast first?

The Three Californias books are all standalone stories. They don’t even take place in the same continuity.

EDIT: Also, Amazon does not let me access the Kindle version. It tells me “This title is not currently available for purchase”. Not sure if that’s because of where I live or not.

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lol - I thought is was posted because it was “free as in beer” also!

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They’re nominally standalone but I think they work best in the order written. The progression from wild to techno-consumerist to utopian makes sense and left me optimistic.

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Hmm, whetted my appetite.

I’ve suggested this in the Great Boingboing Read-Off thread.

I agree there are certainly arguments to be made for reading them in order. Not only is it the optimistic way to progress through the three possible futures, but I think KSR’s style really developed over the years in which the trilogy was written, and that’s interesting to observe. But I wouldn’t use any of those as reasons to dissuade someone from jumping in at Pacific Edge. It’s a great book in its own right that in no way relies on the previous two books to be appreciated.

Yes, I too read the “free” in DRM-free, and was surprised to see the price. After a brief period of disappointment, I ponyed up and down-loaded. :wink:

A wonderful trilogy. It’s been a long time since I read these. I was living in a student co-op at the time and so Pacific Edge really struck a chord with me. I also remember it as being, in some ways, the saddest of the three.

In regards to reading them in order: I do think it would be a better experience overall. But I don’t think it’s necessary. They all take place in Orange County (right?), but in different futures.

The most uplifting novel in your library? High praise indeed. I’ll put it on the list. But what are the runner ups? I’m sure the book is great, but I’m left with the suspicion that your library is parochial. Flood me with more sources of inspiration, please.

I am disappointed that the first two novels in the trilogy were not put on audio first. It is important to me to read the evolution of an author’s style and ideas, and I love Mr. Robinson’s work. I will read the books in print eventually but I have some travel ahead and the trilogy would have been perfect.

Lovely cover art. Can’t beat a sailplane for “uplifting” humanity. A sailplane is the most beautiful union of technology, form & function that people have yet produced.

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