Audio Illusions


“The McGurk Effect”?

(Yes, I know it’s a different spelling)

Cat Heaven Island? McGurk effect?? sigh didn’t realize BoingBoing was in reruns already…

That’s pretty cool. When I listened to the tritone paradox twice I heard it differently each time.

Here’s an interesting story: years ago I was speaking to an audience, and the deaf old ladies all sat in the back, and then complained they couldn’t hear me. A week later I shaved my beard, and the same ladies thanked me for speaking up.

I wasn’t louder - it’s just that they could see my lips.

For the record, I am male.

Couldn’t help noticing your mention of a piece of info (sat in the back) you then didn’t use. What are you hiding? All the deaf old ladies running en-masse to the front when your handsome self appeared beardless? This false modesty must cease.

Oh no, it’s just amusing when the hard-of-hearing sit far away, and then complain they can’t hear.

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