Australia, Singapore, China ground Boeing's 737 MAX


Yup. This is nightmare stuff.


So… as someone who is flying on one of the older 737s in a few months… this is just the newer, Max 8s that have the issue, correct…?


I’m flying in a couple of weeks, so went to google to see if I could find out if Air Canada had any Max 8s. The second thing that came up after “Air Canada” was “Air Canada 737 Max 8.”

So either people have been searching for this already, or Google knew what I was just reading…


you noticed!?
I’m flattered, seriously.
I’ve been skimming headlines and lurking here and there, but ya I guess I haven’t logged-in in quite a while : )


Air Canada has 24 I believe.


It looks like the BBS is sticking a little notice above posts from people who havn’t posted in awhile.


“Republican Sen. John Thune — who has oversight of the aviation industry and the FAA as a member of the Aviation subcommittee of the Commerce and Transportation Committee — said Tuesday he would “prefer flying on some other plane” rather than Boeing’s 737 MAX 8.”-CNN

Doubts … oversight of the aviation committee…booking other flights … more doubts…

GOP: Save yourselves!


My sister was due to fly back to Addis from Nairobi on that crashed Max8’s return trip.

Ban the s#!t out of them.


And that’s why I want nothing to do with self-driving cars.


Another scary sci-fi theme/trope becomes reality - a system that’s supposed to help, but cannot be turned off if it doesn’t.


Dear Leader just threw Boeing under the bus


They weren’t helpless - they didn’t correctly analyze the problem. The captain and co-pilot seats each get information from a different set of sensors, and if the captain let the first officer have control the whole way everything would have been alright.

I’m not defending Boeing, because clearly the software thought it was smarter than the pilots even though it had information that should have let it determine it wasn’t, the the interface hindered the pilots from making informed decisions, but a correctly trained crew would have brought this aircraft back home. And bad sensor data screws up people just as badly as it does computers, as the Birgenair Flight 301 and the Aeroperú Flight 603 accidents show.


"While not proposing any alternatives, Trump claimed that “complexity creates danger”, and added: “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Albert Einstein to be my pilot. I want great flying professionals that are allowed to easily and quickly take control of a plane!”

“We’re going down.”


Safety First Kids /Xs


sorry, I dont get this; as soon as the orange fucker says somewhat not totaly in the BS-range, but kinda “smart” (jaja, I know, I know) he gets bashed for it?!?! why? and why should he proposing an alternative in this particular case?!? thats boeings job. and whats with the meme? it doesnt make any sense, regarding his statement about einstein/pilots.


Here is the deal. A monkey can take the plane off the ground. Why it has become standard flight protocol to engage autopilot so soon after takeoff is the real problem. These people are paid to fly the plane. It should be expected that they do this when the plane is taking off and landing.

Depending on software to fly a plane is complete idiocy. For the amount of money a pilot is paid, they should be expected to be in control of the plane at all times. Pressing a button to engage autopilot means you should also know how to press the button to disengage it, and then be capable of flying the plane manually.

The responsible parties for all of the deaths are those who made the decision to let software do the job of a human being, and to make it standard operating procedure.



see what I meant?


The whole thing is just so absurd.

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