Australia wants to kill consent requirement in proposed data-sharing legislation, calls it "nuance"

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I wonder whether the Powers That Be in Oz ever considered that people who know that their data is being disseminated without their consent just might introduce some “bias” and get some “wrong outcomes” of a different kind.

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I guess it’s not just the insects and animals you need to worry about in Australia. Keep an eye on those politicians. They slither, creep, and bite too.


Isn’t it aimed at research that depend on data held by the government?

After reading the linked article, the proposal looks reasonable as it restricts it to only government and not private entities, and it would establish a commission that need to approve the sharing instead of just supervising eventual abuses.
Of course, it can still be abused and it might have some unintended consequences, but it looks like this is where the collective benefit should surpass the individual decision to avoid another source of bias in the data.

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“…Powers That Be in Oz ever considered…”

See, there’s your mistake. This government has never considered anything, except how to make make money for their corporate donors. Every time a bill comes up that deals with IT, they actively ignore the advice of the industry.

The only time experiences with government aren’t terrible is when it’s something like using a road, and you don’t have to directly interact with the government at all. For any actual interaction with someone from the government, they could improve the experience by just not doing it at all.

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