Australian civil servants ordered to fink on colleagues who criticize gov't online


I remember visiting the US in 2004… Every single person i met, bar none, made sure i understood that they had NOT voted for Bush.

Now i feel exactly how they did… I feel like to saying to everybody, over and over, I didn’t vote for this. I just wish there was some eraser we could use when its all over, to put it all back. The destruction this govt is doing to us, to our country, i doubt could ever be healed.


Thankfully the doofus asshole our fucking idiotic countrymen voted for is doing a great job at making sure he only has one term.

I have personal disdain for anyone who voted for them and a tiny violin to play if they’re now surprised at what he’s doing to Australia. He’s always been a conservative, sexist, xenophobic shitbag and now he gets to shape a nation as he wants.

Tony Abbott: Die. In. A. Fire. And take that haggard bitch Bishop with you (both of them please).


Of course any criticism of this ruling could put you in breach of the regulations.
I didn’t vote for this vile man either. Luckily I’m not a public servant and can still say that type of thing. But for how long?


“Every single person i met, bar none, made sure i understood that they had NOT voted for Bush.”

You didn’t meet me.


You’re proud that you voted for the most lazy, pathetic and ineffectual president in US history?

Golf clap for you, sir.


Taxpayers have the right to know what their government is up to … including the unelected civil service. (Yes, I also think Edward Snowden should be pardoned for the same reason.)

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I regret to say that, in some ways, he wasn’t lazy enough.


Why is this surprising? You still have a lot to answer for giving the world Rupert Murdoch.


Lazy? Lazy? Look pal, I don’t know how long you’ve been around, but if you think starting two wars at the same time in the span of 18 months, one of which is still going on, is the result of laziness you’ve got another thing coming.

Two wars. Thousands dead. “Bring it on.” “Mission accomplished.” “The Decider.” These things are not the work of a lazy man. A foolish cretin who has no idea what their bumbling mistakes will cost the world while wasting millions of dollars and calling for a tax cut, certainly, but it takes a special kind of dedication to be that much of a clueless asshat.


Look, it just had to happen, no matter what has happened it would have been a lot worse with ruddy Kevin in power. Thankfully there is someone in charge of the Labour party that isn’t insane so next election we will have a two party option again.

Of course telling an Australian not to do something is guaranteed to escalate the situation.


In other news. Australians should be proud of the fact that dozens if not hundreds of people outside of Australia, now know the name of a Australian Prime Minister. For a country that prides itself on keeping a low profile outside of sporting achievements; this is quite an accomplishment.

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You know what the worst thing is? The soreheads and bigots will never, ever admit to the outrages, and anyone elected to fix them will get used as a rallying point for a new round of outrages and bigotry.


Umm… he just set his attack dog cheney et al on the task. That’s the definition of lazy. Rumsfeld even had to doll up those hilarious intro images for his intel briefing slideshows so he’d even pay attention. Starting wars isn’t hard.

This is what I was talking about IRT his laziness:


Don’t buy into the idea that there are only 2 parties to choose from. Buying into that guarantees it will be so.

Like him or not (I can see in your case it’s not), Kevin was an effective, popular leader. Internal fighting and Gillard seeing an opportunity was the very thing that made the party what it became.

PS: It concerns me you don’t know how to spell Labor.

I too share your optimism that this Abbott Government is so completely guileless that they may get kicked out after a single term. Depends on what Labor puts up though.


Hey, hey… he’s been yours since 1985 when he disposed of his Australian citizenship to be able to take up an American one. :wink:

Trent_​​Baker, With Kevin we would have had broadband, gay marriage, a climate policy that’s supported by a number of climate scientists and economists larger than zero, a minister for science that exists, medicare not sold off, trees in Tasmania that aren’t woodchipped, a great barrier reef minus industrial sludge, a speaker who isn’t transparently biased, a number of female ministers larger than one, a minister for women who isn’t a raging misogynist, a human right commissioner who actually thinks the human rights commission should exist, no special laws to protect bigots being passed, etc. You must be using some strange usage of the phrase “a lot worse” that I hadn’t previously been aware of.


The way I look at it, If there are more than two parties with a credible chance to rule, the stakes are not high enough for voters to sort themselves by the rule, “No fucking way should those idiots be in power.” That said, there should always be a radical (but not credible) 3rd party (or 1st party faction) around to both drain the real nutjobs off of the dominant parties and spur people to be reasonable in a smart way rather than a lazy way.

That’s been the problem in the U.S. since the 60s. Both the Communist Party and the increasingly separatist Blue Dogs spurred the adults into making serious changes. From then through about 2005, the Nixo-Reagian wasteland of secret rule and quashing of radicals created two ruling parties competing to find the dumbest, most inoffensive way to gain political donations and time on Meet the Press.

I hope it remains difficult to quash radicals (on the Internet) for the future. The nutjobs need to identify their dumbness to the community and the dissenters need a way to develop their ideas. Without the web the gatekeepers have too much power to cull intelligence and independence out of the political herd.