Authorities hunting for mystery person who repaired a large pothole

At least the person didn’t hijack a pothole filling machine…

Eventually, there was an admission about the machine, which allows one worker to do the job of five or six.

five or six people? I think we may have found the bureaucratic hangup in the pothole filling process (unless that’s a very big pothole…)


If it helps, I’m talking about a place in BC.


It won’t be Ronnie Pickering, that’s for sure…

I don’t understand why they don’t just lower the roads around the holes.


All very true - and all entirely beside the point.

If the government doesn’t do it’s job, don’t be surprised if people step in. People do shit. If you don’t want them to patch that pothole with whatever they have handy - fix the damn pothole in a timely manner.

The root cause of the issue here isn’t some guy who patched a pothole - it’s that the pothole was left to linger there for weeks. If the forest lights on fire - you put it out now, you don’t wait weeks for nature to take it’s course then complain about it. Who knows what accidents this vigilante public works guy prevented? Step up - or get out of the way.

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well, the road was closed so… probably none

hate workers much? there’s a lot to dislike about the bureaucracy of government but the workers? they certainly aren’t kicking back in some mansion.

being on a road crew is hard, often dirty work done at annoyingly early or late hours of the day. none of the infrastructure we all use would exist without them


You do wait for nature if the root of the problem is nature (drainage in this case), trying to remedy that while there is a reasonable chance of heavy rainfall and/or frost is asking to have to return later and do the job properly.

Actually he does.


“If information regarding who carried out the works becomes known in the community, I would be grateful if details could be shared.”

Right. Like anyone gonna rat out the guy who did this.



Sitting by passively has worked so well - oh wait, no - it hasn’t.

The “stepping up” creating more problems than it solves is part of the point. The people responsible for fixing the potholes (or financing those fixes) need to get off the pot, or it will be even harder to accomplish. The attitude right now is that they can just leave potholes for weeks or months. No - they can’t. Not an option.

As for the ad-hominem - you can do better. My attitude is that if the authorities don’t take care of things, it’s not unreasonable to fix them rather than sit passive, and you’re not supposed to think that’s better. It’s absolutely worse than the government doing the right thing. But without something driving them to do better - historically, they won’t bother.

If it helps - don’t think of it as a repair. Think of it as a protest.

Spraypainting dicks is a better protest. Local authorities feel like they have to do something about it, because it’s a spraypainted dick, but how do they explain that they could fix the dick but not the pothole? The only good option is to fix the pothole.


I agree, to an extent. There is a point of neglect where expertise that is not applied is useless, and people are probably right to take action on their own.

Sounds line it’s not the case in this circumstance, but if that two weeks became a couple months, it’s safe to say the council is never going to get to that.


I think I have BINGO!


Planting flowers in the hole works as well


Y’all are killing me here.


The proper people didn’t fill it so they can’t overbill for the repair.

Wait, wait!

Why didn’t they just put up a better warning sign?

There, now we have bingo :wink:


This being Cornwall, I imagine it would be something pasty.


This is the important bit. Thirteen years of Conservative “austerity” from central government, has left local councils (who are responsible for maintaining the roads) with very little budget left.
So this isn’t about ‘council bureaucracy taking months to fix the roads’, it’s about ‘do we spend this money on fixing potholes or local schools’.
Welcome to Tory Britain.


That’s one of the biggest problems with this country, all of the vindictive bastards who will keep re-electing the damned tories as long as it’s only making someone else’s life miserable. Sure, go ahead and shut down the schools, and the hospitals, and the libraries, just make sure there’s no potholes on MY commute.
And I can guarantee you most of these people still won’t have made the connection between the state of the roads and the intentional, ideological dismantling and selling off of public infrastructure and services by the party they’ve kept in power for 13 years.
They look around at the state of the place like they’re mystified by it, attribute it all to some sort of breakdown in good old fashioned british common sense, and think that if they just got rid of more of those pointless bureaucrats in local government the potholes would get fixed quick enough, like they did in the good old days.