Pothole in your neighborhood? Tell Portland Anarchist Road Care to fix it


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You sure that’s not Fred and Carrie?


I friggin love my adopted city





Where we’re going we won’t NEED roads!


To be fair, the Portland Board of Transportation responds to pothole complaints in minutes. I reported four potholes last week, and left home, only to see a utility vehicle performing measurements on one less than an hour later. Three of the potholes were patched within a few hours, and the fourth, was not, but is an actual sinkhole, so the repair required is more than simply filling with asphalt, and I know it’s on their agenda.


As long as they’re doing a competent job of this and not endangering public safety, this is a much smarter way to improve their image and the commons than the idiotic Black Bloc tactics that “force” society into portraying anarchists as “only breaking windows and blocking roads.”

Also, thanks for the Harry Tuttle shout-out. First thing that came to mind.

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/dht_3NziwSw/maxresdefault.jpg[quote=“Akimbo_NOT, post:2, topic:97026, full:true”]You sure that’s not Fred and Carrie?

Did they put a bird on it?


Can they come to Spokane next? The roads here don’t so much have pot-holes as pot-trenches. So far the best they’ve been able to do is put out “Rough Road” caution signs, which… okay, thanks I guess.

The city actually has an online pothole reporting tool, but there’s no way to just circle the entire greater Spokane metropolitan area with it, which I feel limits its utility.


Sure, but the City’s pothole repairs aren’t Artisanal. My steampunk Penny Farthing’s tires can tell the difference.


I am assured that vegan pagan fairies meditated over each individual pebble in the fill material.



I’d like it better if they were stencil tagging the patches with an anarchy symbol.


But who will fix the roads that aren’t in Portland?


It happens a lot, but isn’t usually reported in the press.

London Black Revolutionaries do a lot of good work, although I’m sure that the right wing would call it vandalism and being an accessory to crimes.


From what I’ve read, the San Francisco Diggers (who started free stores, free food distribution, and other social-improvement actions) were committed to not asking permission of established authorities – once you ask permission, you are buying into the establishent. Rather, the Diggers went ahead and did what they believed needed doing.

Highly recommended reading: The Radical Soap Opera by David Zane Mairowitz:

See also:


True anarchists don’t adhere to standardized logos.


The original Diggers weren’t into asking permission either.


Something very similar happened in my town of Burlington Vermont in the days of the Sandernistas (1986), and Bernie handled it with grace and style.


Wear a safety vest, please.


Much the same here in LA. City services are quite responsive. Actual potholes are almost always filled the day after they’re reported, because they can be dealt with by one guy with a truckload of hot-patch.

But many road-maintenance problems are more complex, the result of underlying structural damage to the concrete road-base, which requires considerable work to fix. Filling existing structural defects with hot-patch
is a very short-term temporary fix at best, and may make the situation worse by diverting drainage to still-intact areas, causing further erosion.

The LA Bureau of Street Services publishes the following guides to help distinguish between simple potholes and damage requiring more complex repair:

How a typical pothole is formed and prepared

Other Street Damage

The second photo, above, shows the Anarchists making inadvisable repairs to a structural problem that isn’t a pothole. Their efforts may very well make the ongoing erosion at that location worse.

It’s a whole lot easier to make half-assed ‘fixes’ that make for good temporary cosmetics and politically-useful “optics” than it is to actually fix the problem correctly and permanently.


Who cares? :wink: