Mayor of Jackson, MS: "I believe we can pray potholes away"


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Can one pray mayors away?


Can we pray MS away?


If by “pray” he means get down on your knees and spew a bunch of crap out of your mouth, it just might work…you know, if you’re right next to a pothole at the time…


If it works, this guy needs to move further north … Queens would be great.


“Now the last thing I wanted was to get in a fight
in Jackson, Mississippi on a Saturday night,
'specially when there was three of them and only one of me.”

I’m beginning to understand why Charlie Daniels referred to Jackson specifically in that song.


I finally hit the boiling point yesterday with someone telling me that they’d pray for me since I’m a lost soul or whatever.

I’ve decided I’m going to start asking people to go do something effective like feed the poor or shelter the homeless in lieu of whispering some words to their imaginary friend on my behalf. But who wants to do something difficult to seem righteous?


I was out in a small town over the holidays and went to grab a coffee. While I was there, a woman paid for my coffee and told me ‘Merry Christmas, enjoy His blessings!’

I can’t deny that not spending my two bucks on a coffee wasn’t nice, but blowing ‘His blessings’ on a middle-class lady buying a coffee seems like a waste. I donated the two bucks to a food drive at the grocery store that was my next stop, so all’s well that ends well, I guess? I’ll pray for you, enjoy a coffee on God’s dime, etc. … none of it has anything to do with making the world a better place. It’s all about establishing a certain standing in the community.


God helps those who help themselves.


Yes, it is like seat belts. Gods tend to save those who wear them.



I’m…just guessing…that this may be delusional theist code for “The Jackson Municipal Government certainly isn’t going to be fixing the pothole problem”.


They guy is a pastor at Relevant Empowerment Church who became a mayor. Oh yeah, he also claims to be a black belt ninja.
This would be much funnier if he wasn’t the mayor of the 138th largest city in the U.S.


Oh, praying can eliminate potholes … if you’re blessing the asphalt and fillers that you just poured into the hole, asking for it to have the fortitude to resist the forces that would erode the new material away.

But praying alone is cheaper, so …


Wonder if he’ll change his beliefs once the insurance claims start rolling in. Idiot.


It’s Mississippi. Pretty much a standard dysfunctional ‘developing nation’, except that they get to send representatives to the US Congress and don’t need visas to cross the border.


Potholes. Gayness. Acne. Thinning hair. Socialism. Debt. Weather. Godless liberals. Weeds. Lousy poker hands. Mosquitos…

If it works for one, it should work for any.


As a politician, I’m sure he’s all about helping himself.


I’ve been trying to pray away the stupid people for a couple of decades. Dog says “no”.


Now, if they were gay potholes…


“I’ll pray for you.”

“Yeah, well I’ll sacrifice a goat for you”