Crowdfunding an Atheist Shoe bus to crisscross America


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Not sure if they’re brave, naive, or plain stupid to visit the bible-iest portions of the bible belt first. I sure hope the bus is bullet-proofed.


I’ll pray for them.


In my younger days of traversing our great nation, my friends & I referred to the “bible belt” as the 'stupidity belt", I know it was a pretentious generalization, but it gets boring driving 3000 miles.


OH come down. Even if they aren’t keen on atheists, they aren’t going to shoot their bus. There are lots of atheists and agnostics in the South.

Of course people who pride themselves on rational thought are going to have to swallow some cognitive dissonance to pay that much for novelty shoes.


Not the same as violence, but they did produce compelling evidence that someone at the post office was systematically diverting, delaying and destroying their boxes because they were taped shut with “ATHEIST” tape:


I think the Atheist bus will do pretty well here in Alabama. Most local atheists are sort of like dry drunks; they’ve given up god but not talking about god. They seem to me to be sort of people who would enjoy wearing shoes that stamp “atheist” as they go. (I know I’m being a bit nasty, but it’s hard being an atheist here. If people aren’t talking about how great religion is, they’re talking about how much religion sucks. It’s all Jehovah’s witnesses, just that some are for the prosecution.)


What would Jesus wear?

(Answer: sandals.)


Ah, I was picturing shoes with no soles and was wondering how that worked…


Well, Federal crimes are no way to go through life son. But right, it isn’t violence.

Though it reminds me of the of the guy who pioneered the Cash Register. He bought the rights to the machine after buying one for his bar. He sent out what is maybe the first if not one of the first mass mailing campaigns, mailing sales info to other bars, hotels, etc. The problem was the people who were skimming the profits who would be more likely to be foiled by these new machines were the ones who saw the mailing and kept it from the owners. The guy switched to a more direct sales campaign and demos and bam - the cash register took off.


You’re right. They’re far, far more likely to just set it on fire.


AKA the “teenage pregnancy and divorce belt.”


No dude, shoes with no souls.


We all love your “optimism-s”, really.


“When you saw only one set of footprints in the sand, my child, that was when I was carrying you. I borrowed your Atheist shoes for the arch support, I hope you’re cool with that.”


Come on. It isn’t optimism. I dislike bible thumping evangelicals as much as the next guy, but unlike some places, they aren’t dragging out and killing nonbelievers.


My Crocs are more comfortable and a lot less expensive and just as ugly.


Note my sarcastic generalizations, all Southerners are not crazy.


Ich bin a theist?


Ha! I like that. Though I’d say that it’s less about their wanting to talk about god and more about the environment they are in maybe? Most atheists in AL (and GA, MS, SC, NC, TN - or all the states you can see from Rock City) are probably still surrounded by religious people, making it hard not to talk about it. It’s probably part of trying to carve out a self-defined identity in a place that frowns upon that identity and is in some cases actively hostile to it.