Atheist shoes experience a miraculous transformation


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AKA “the bit that comes loose and starts flapping after a few weeks’ wear”.


Testify Brother Cory! Preach On!


shouldn’t the text be a mirror image so as to leave readable footprints? - damn atheists, step in all the puddles


All my shoes are atheist’s shoes.


I bet you could walk through Hell with those!


Too bad they don’t come in an ethical, vegan version


I think they’ve started to mold them now so there is less tendency to come undone.


They look awful. Apparently you Athiests believe in nothing, including looking good!

They tried that, but cows kept following the them home. Mom was pissed!


They do have vegan variants but not the new sneaker.

I have several Atheist shoes myself. They’re comfy and the nubuk is surprisingly resilient.


Nice. I’ve been thinking of joining a bowling league.


Those are some cute shoes, but I can’t produce an Atheist card.


They should make an I VAPE model


Not a single “footprints in the sand” joke? @modusoperandi, you’re the best of us. Don’t disappoint.

Also, from “miraculous transformation” in the title all the way down to “design tweak” in the text? Talk about lowering expectations.


There is indeed a vegan version.


As atheists know, all “miraculous transformations” are merely evolutionary tweaks in design.


It would give you a philosophical problem, though.


Does it announce this fact to everyone its wearer meets?


Agreed. I had a nice, retro pair of nubuck joggers from Merrell, with turned-up heel and toe. Lasted me for years until they finally just became too stiff due to age and use.


Advertising your religious preference is annoyingly smug no matter who does it.