Mormon's Secret: temple garments for gentiles




For when you’re feeling a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll.


In case you’re wondering what they’re really (truly) about:


I think most (all?) religions are filled with nonsense and the Mormons are no exception. However, I think ridiculing them for their garments (especially using the pejorative “magic underwear”) is a counter-productive cheap shot. Thanks for posting the video!


If it isn’t acceptable to ridicule the ridiculous, how can we be honest?


The site links out to Mormon porn. Not, I’m assuming, by Mormons themselves, given the content.


I agree. I find some of the Mormon stuff so absurd, even though it is no more crazy than the major religion stuff, but I think it’s in part because it’s a new religion so it seems more obviously made up. We can’t just assume that it was people who had little understanding of science who came up with this stuff. Nonetheless, imaging if someone were to sell, say, the little tallit (the garment that Orthodox Jewish men wear under their clothes) with this kind of marketing - it’d be pretty offensive.


Nipple accenting stitches? Who designed that t-shirt, the people you made this?


I’m with you on this. If you start selling orthodox Jewish garments in a mocking way, I bet someone will quickly cry foul.

I guess the woman behind the company has an axe to grind, and probably rightly so. But I’m not sure it’s cool for the rest of us to jump on that bandwagon.


Ha-ha-hah! Those Mormons!

#We Punch Down!

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Eh, they’re a majority group in their region, they aren’t oppressed, they have unpleasant sect-like issues with those leaving the faith, this isn’t an especially cruel thing, and it’s honestly quite silly. Everything considered I really wonder what the problem is.


… from where are “white middleclass americans from Utah” Down (in large font with a capital D and an exclamation mark, no less)? Do you own an investment bank or something?


In the United States, Mormons are 1.7% of the population (same as Jews, surprised me!). source

Hardly the majority.

Oh, wait, is BoingBoing a blog devoted to “white middleclass americans from Utah” ?

Whoops, my bad.


You know what else is funny? Menorahs! What a hoot!


That garment went from being the big fringed cloak, still worn in the morning prayers and if leading a service, to a small garment often worn under clothes in part for workaday convenience but also especially in Europe to conceal it from violent people looking to avenge their murdered god or those who passively permitted that to happen. The tallit was never intended to be secret but rather for the fringes and the blue thread to be seen by the wearer.
Do LDSs have the protection rights of a persecuted minority, are they a part of the WASP patriarchy, or something else?


Ah ah ah . . . some Mormons have in fact ascribed magical properties to the underwear.

On one hand, I find it easy to mock just about any religion as superstition and placebo. But if that’s what people want they have the right (just don’t tell me I don’t also have the right to mock them, after all, they are secretly looking down their noses at me for not sharing their One True Faith.)


Technically right, of course. Also kind of irrelevant when they’re a majority in the places where most mormons live, and will be treated as members of the white/american majority in the rest of the country. Practically speaking, they’re not an oppressed group - or have I ignored a large batch of anti-mormon hatecrime?


There’s a lot more of me, where I come from!


The difference is Jewishness is an ethnicity, and while their traditions might also be silly there is an implicit criticism of the ethnicity involved in mockery of their traditions. Mormonism, like its twentieth century counterpart, Scientology, are not ethnicities. Plus, it is kind of obvious both were created to enrich their founders at the expense of their flocks.


That, I think, is the essence of it: I feel no guild mocking scientology, and mormonism is the same sort of thing with a bit more time to settle.


Well I def have my issues with Mormonism but I think it’ll go better if we try to stay respectful instead of just treating all the silly stuff we do in the name of religion scornfully. Sacred underwear is way down on my list of concerns about them, though I do think that it affects women and the messages that that church has about sexuality.