University student gets a zero because her art project violated dress code


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Is it even possible to do art in a “conservative” school?

This seems to be a good example that the answer is “no”.


Is it even possible to do “art” in a conservative school?

This seems to be a good example that the answer is “no”.


I hope she re-submits, this time with black liquid latex over the model’s shoulders…sometimes the censor-approved work is actually more subversive than the original.


On the one hand, dat sum bull-shit. On the other hand, she did matriculate to BYU. If I eat at a restaurant that advertises a fecal cuisine menu, I can’t be too surprised when I’m served shit.


Now? Heaven knows, anything goes.

  • part time art instructor - day job at Utah motor vehicles, vanity license plate division

  • next term they’ll be working in oils




Oh, wait a second. I thought you posted the '87 Broadway version


Wow, I can’t even begin to estimate how many of my undergraduate class projects would have violated that rule. You couldn’t even get through the foundation courses in my art program without being exposed to naked people.


Should have put a lattice of circles over the subject.


Well, I think this is what you get for wasting your money on your college education at a school like BYU. Next time go to a smaller state university or college. It will cost far less and your education will come from more open minded people.

Seriously…WTF did you expect would happen…IT IS BYU!


I am not sure why one would spend private university money for a BFA in the first place, unless it was one of the higher end schools whose students tend to go on to do greater things. Maybe she had a full ride?

If one did decide to spend private money, it wouldn’t be at an overly conservative school for a BFA.

That said, I went to a public JUCO in a very conservative area for a BFA (well you get an associates degree, but BFA was the goal). Like Mennonite conservative. The teachers were actually some of the best I have ever had, and I can’t imagine them failing someone for implied nudity. That said, we didn’t have life drawing, we had clothed figure drawing. Which, you know, sucks in some respects, but I still learned figure proportion and movement, and also the bonus of how clothes hang, drape, and wrinkle.


LOL religious "schools"
You decided to go there, you don’t get to complain about it.


BYU was definitely up there with the best of 'em in the early 80s in computer graphics with their MovieBYU software.

Although the teapot is from the University of Utah, not BYU


I wonder how much agency she had in selecting which university she attended. For some folks, BYU is a foregone conclusion.

Is probably a tough place for a feminist artist to get started.


Not sure what the assignment was, but the teacher could have just as easily given it a 0 for “these are selfies with face paint.”


Reminds me of cartoonist/author Marjane Satrapi’s recollection of art courses she took in Persepolis.


Perhaps BYU can start a student exchange program with one of those fancy Saudi Arabian art schools. Everyone would feel right at home.

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BYU…their motto is the campus is their world. I lived in that valley for several years and believe me, BYU’s influence makes the place a living hell for anyone with a working brain.