Catholic school to hand out ‘modesty ponchos’ to girls at prom wearing ‘revealing’ dresses


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And yet, this seems like the kind of thing that, should an Islam-based school or group attempt it, would be roundly criticised as trying to force Sharia law on our kids…


‘modesty ponchos’

Great name for a band.


Is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?


Can anyone think of a way to turn that into a bong?

Could we at least tell them that people are turning them into bongs?


modesty poncho is actually Latin for hijab.


The irony of a catholic school in Dearborn pulling this crap is not at all lost on me.


’revealing dresses’

Another great name for a band. Perhaps playing for the prom at hand.


The kids should call them promiscuity collars.


Needs a big capital A in red.


So close to a cone of shame.



By drawing attention to it.

Enterprising young adults will wear low cut tops, get the bright pink advertiser, and then sell “peeks at the peaks” at $5 per freshman behind the bleachers.


Do I understand correctly that the way these should be used is to place them over the head of any person who appears distracted by what someone is wearing?


Can i get a modesty loincloth if i show up in a revealing banana hammock and assless chaps?




In our parochial school the gals were not allowed to wear culottes. Once in a while a gal or two would try to sneak in wearing one, but the nuns had scary eagle vision and could tell a skirt pleat from the leg split in a culotte.


If I was Catholic schoolgirl, which I assure you I almost never am, I would demand my modesty poncho, and wear it proudly as proof that I am a rebel. I would splash it with a big circe-A in black paint.

Also, @hecep:



Or the name of any album (!!!) made by “Guided By Voices”. Their album titles make great band names!


It’d probably be easier to turn into a Thong.

Which would probably have a similar effect on Sister Mary Pat O’Malley.

Especially if the boys wear them.