High school calls teen's innocent rainbow Big Gay Ice Cream t-shirt 'inappropriate'

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Do the Admin at that school really have nothing else they could be doing?

This is the largest problem? The fire that needs putting out?

Ah. I see: Ohio.



I’m a lot of things, but “shocked” isn’t one of them, sadly.

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Evil Plan: Big Gay Ice Cream should sponsor an Ice Cream Day at the school.


Says a lot about the predilections of the school’s teachers and administrative staff. Says nothing good, of course, but does say a lot.


It’s okay to have Big Gay Ice Cream, but only as long as you eat it quietly in a place where no one knows you’re eating Big Gay Ice Cream, such as in your home, in a room where it’s dark and there are no windows. The best place, school authorities say, is where clothes are kept.

Not that long ago it would have been illegal there to have Big Gay Ice Cream at all. In Ohio this is considered progress.


I KNEW it! There is a “Big Gay”.


Well if we saw it on Twitter it must be true! Anyone stop and even attempt to vet this story before running with it and calling the administration and teachers homophobic? Honestly.


And it’s not just Ohio (though I grew up in the little blue Northeast corner of that state, which was not quite so horrible). I currently teach digital art in Virginia, and have had my students’ work censored for addressing LGBT issues, even completely inoffensive, seemingly uncontroversial stuff like posters opposing anti-gay bullying. And Chik-Fil-A is a corporate partner with the school, and even has their shit dished out in the cafeteria. I sometimes think my studio is the only room in the school where some of my students don’t feel completely alienated and antagonized by the normative culture.


The boy’s response is priceless-


And getting into a committed business relationship with Big Gay Ice Cream is totally unacceptable. Selling Big Gay Ice Cream as an entrepener is an abomination and demeans traditional business ventures, as they are in the bible. It makes my own, Baskin Robins franchise meaningless I tell ya!

If we allow people to sell Big Gay Ice Cream, what’s next? Letting people sell children? Letting people sell plutonium? Where does it end?



Listen, it’s perfectly OK to wear big-name branded t-shirts, slaved into existence in the deepest darkest pits of misery and oppression but the second you put a word like ‘gay’ on there, you’d better realise we will come after you with every fascist tool at our disposal.


First of all, gay has two meanings, and both are equally valid, damn it. Second of all, even if it is the “homosexual” meaning, how is that in any way offensive? It’s not a swear word or euphemism, and the shirt shows nothing explicit. Is the offense acknowledging the existence of gay people? If so, that makes this school more homophobic than Fred Phelps- even he at least admits that gay people exist.


You cannot be serious. The Gay community is the most overprotected militant movement in existence.
The ‘Big Gay Ice Cream’ t-shirt appears offensive, as it does come across as an euphemism, so it should be banned. ‘Melt away’ the logo and I don’t think it will be so ‘innocent’ afterall !

I would have just shamed the faculty for having dirty minds. and told them to get their heads out of the gutter.


That’s rich, I think you meant to say that Evangelical Christians here, because that’s actually true. While the gay rights movement might be loud, they have a right to exist and assert their rights to equal treatment.

You’re just a reactionary, afraid of losing your undeserved privilege.

What does a militant gay person do? They blog, they write their congressional representatives, they boycott businesses with homophobic policies, participate in gay pride parades, and speak their message saying “we’re people too”.

What does a militant christian do? They attempt to (and often successfully) write laws that treat minorities of many kinds as second-class citizens, they lie, slander and conflate gay people with nazis and WMDs, they blow up planned parent hood clinics, they treat women as subhuman, as if women don’t own their own bodies, they picket funerals of soldiers over governmental policies totally unrelated to the deceased, they threaten violence against trans people, and often commit heinous acts of violence against same trans people. All while whining about how they’re so persecuted. As if they aren’t the most powerful, privileged and undeservedly respected demographic in the whole country.

Who here is actually militant?

Go scare up some examples of real persecution, before you talk about how your butt is sore from sitting in your gilded throne.


How is it a euphemism? What is it a euphemism for? If you can’t answer that, then you have no argument, and honestly just look like you have nothing to say but: “I’m afraid, and am threatened by people who are not just like me.”


Well, at least you’ve pinpointed the problem correctly.


Well, you may not get it, but apparently when Jo_Fairley sees “big gay ice cream” the first thought is getting a firm grip at the base, then sliding a tongue up and down a delicious treat until the sweet cream virtually explodes in the mouth. Make sure to get it all, and not dribble it down your chin!

Never quite understood why supposedly straight religious people get so worked up and spend so much time thinking about what homosexual people do with each other in private. I know it happens, but it’s not a real focus of attention in my daily life. I’ve got more than enough other shit to worry about that actually involves me.


If that’s the entirety of the euphemism, then it sorely underestimates straight girls’ ability to both purchase and eat ice cream and give head.

For a moment, I thought that maybe @Jo_Fairley was thinking it was skat-fetish what with the coiled ice cream looking something like the coiled poop emoji, but skat-fetish isn’t a gay or straight thing. It’s just a gross thing.

But you won’t ever find me lobbying for legislation outlawing skat-lover marriage, then complaining about how persecuted I am that they won’t shut up and stop existing because it’s something I find gross.

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