First grader disciplined at school for saying"Jesus Christ"

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How sad that an event my classmates can tell from half a century ago still isn’t substantially improved: we were confined to the ‘corner’ throughout recess if we were heard to say anything like “geez!” as the puritanical third grade (public school) teacher managed to connect even that to “taking the lord’s name in vain!”. (we even had to explain the reasoning to a new kid. “What!? That’s nutz!” “yeah… jeepers.” “What was that you said!?!”)


I wonder if the school also makes children who exhibit indications of left-handedness sit at their own table to be ostracized and corrected (still the case at my elementary school in the 1980s).


jesus fucking christ, what is the world coming to?


What is the controversy here? Shouting, “Jesus Christ,” is considered a taboo phrase. That is why in kids shows they tend to soften that kind of exclamation to something like, “jeepers creepers” or “cheese and crackers.” Big Bird isn’t saying, “Jesus Christ, this ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ word a long.” Bluey isn’t saying, “Jesus Christ, our house is untidy!” Scrooge McDuck isn’t shouting, “Jesus Christ,” after finding a solitary gold coin missing from his money bin.

Should the school reprimanded the child before issuing the notice, of course. A single utterance is not that serious, but issuing correctives to children for saying things that are seen as impolite or cultural taboos is not that unusual

“To hell with all these JHChrist cultists.” -Satan probably

Hail Satan! (Fuck those assholes)


Christ on a stick!


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I guess we should shut down all those Christian services that use that word then… after all, nothing more scandalous than using a taboo term!


Maybe for some people some of the time. Not something that a grade school should be punishing a kid over.



I thought parents were supposed to be the ones teaching their children manners and morals.

Can’t have it both ways.


Because a public school is punishing the same word based on whether or not it obeys a particular religions strictures.

A kids show isn’t a government institution and choosing not to include language in one to avoid offense isn’t the same as punishing someone for using such language.


Well yeah… and some parents’ rights to have the rest of us forced to conform to their morality is just good edumacating! /s


I hate that I am arguing the difference between saying “Jesus Christ’s” name when discussing the story of the Bible and the concept of using “the Lord’s name in vain.” I’m not a Christian or religious. You must know that there is a difference that is acknowledged in American society?

Did it have to start with a letter to the parents? No. I’m not wholeheartedly endorsing the course of action but I do think that much like politely asking people to acknowledge your pronouns or adjust their terminology when new words are introduced, it is okay for a teacher to pull a kid aside and say, “Cool it with the ‘Jesus Christ,’ for Christ’ sake.” :rofl:

Yes. Of course. To think a child should be punished for a mild swear, AT BEST, is just absurd. Like, there is REAL shit to worry about, so who cares if a kid says a term SOME consider taboo in certain situations.

And yet here you are, defending punishing a child for saying a slightly taboo term to some easily offended Christians…

Um… no. Just no. NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING AT ALL. Trans kids are being really, REALLY hurt all over this country by the same kind of people who would demand a much harsher penalty for this kid of saying a mildly taboo term (AGAIN, FOR SOME UPTIGHT ASSHOLES). To say that acknowledging people’s basic humanity is the same thing is really just not cool at all.


My kid is grown now, but if that had ever happened to him at school, I would have words for the admins responsible, and “Jesus Christ” would be among the most tame.


Congrats for picking a perfectly fitting 'nym. There’s truth in advertising there.



In my school it was: “Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick!”

If you’re going to take the lord’s name in vain, reach for the stars!


Right? Kids that young, if they say something inappropriate, maybe the teacher lets them know that they find their language inappropriate and ask them not to say it in class again, but this is really ridiculous.

I do wonder about the race of the child involved, as Black children are more likely to receive harsher punishments for just about any “transgressions” earlier than their white peers.