Young school boy shouts profanity at Trump rally


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Apples falling from trees, planting potatoes and getting potatoes, etc etc etc.

Leave the kid alone. He’s (literally) not responsible for his behavior. But his mom is.


“Trustworthy, Respectful, United, Excellent.”

He got 1 out’a 4, not bad. I guess.

[note sarcasm & possible math miscalculation]


You know what would make America great again? Americans not acting like dicks so much.


I didn’t realize I attended a Democratic school as a child! Mine must have been EXTRA Democratic, actually.


No, that’s not how it works. He may have learned the words in school, but you know when he learned that speaking that way is okay?

Right then.

Good job, Mom.


I just have to wonder…


I believe the children are our future,
Teach them bad and let them go astray,
Show them all the ugly they possess inside
Give them an unfounded sense of pride to make it awfuler…

  • Trump 2016!


Maybe they need a few minutes at the beginning of each rally to just, y’know, get the poison out of their systems.
Call it something like “The Two Minutes Anger”, perhaps?


If they did that, Trump would have nothing left to run on.


“…down…” town?


It’s my understanding that they all kinda’ wander off after the first 10 or 20 anyway.


What’s said in dark hollows should stay in dark hollows. Don’t forget your banjo son.

The irony is that the Trump rally was held inside a school. Education is the silver bullet that can be used to kill Trump inspired hate, ignorance, and intolerance.


Only if the school teaches critical thinking skills.

Sadly, few schools do.


I was hoping for a video of a young schoolboy shouting profanity aimed at Trump. Oh well.


Get that kid a Trump Youth uniform right away!


That “football hooligan” clip art could be the new symbol for the GOP, screw that old fashioned red-white-and-blue elephant symbol.


Like this?


i fear how much worse this is going to all get before the election (and then how exponentially bad it’s going to be AFTER the election, no matter who wins, but ESPECIALLY if trump wins).


“Profanity” is a religious concept, and does not really apply to a secular conversation such as this.

The remarks were, I can certainly agree, in poor taste - but that’s hardly the same thing.

As for “democratic” schools extolling the virtues of (arguably) gendered (arguably) insults, color me skeptical on that one.