Creepy fashion tips from the Duggars’ Christian homeschool cult curriculum

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I feel so dirty.


Start every day with a smile…and get it over with. – W.C. Fields


The most horrifying thing about all of this is that this is considered a “medicine resource.”


I seem to remember being taught this stuff or similar back in the sixties, less crime, more respect for self and one another, not to mention the color pallet is correct, and clothing accessories, writing on clothing , etc are made to draw attention. So please explain how these things are"Creepy" ? Or “Cult Curriculum?” Just because you prefer to not dress modestly or have your children taught modesty( I assume they are in public or private schools) Make things “creepy” ? I think I liked the way people treated each other a whole hell of a lot better when these things were taught. And PLEASE this thing called “editorials” unless this whole thing was supposed to be a joke and not a thinly veiled show of hatred of Christians. Where is the “Creepy” Comments on Muslim dress standards? Or is it just Christians you mock? Or maybe Your just afraid of another incident like France or Texas? I really don’t get the double standards set by you people in the media! Expecting this to not be posted for long.


And back in the 60s mixed marriages were illegal in some states, there were more lynchings and G-d help you if you were gay. Linking these tips with a better life in the 60s (for some people) lacks any mechanism.

I will agree that I learned the seasons thing in the early 80s and it had nothing to do with religion.


With all due respect, you are remembering a version of the 1960s which never actually happened.


Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there aren’t any reality TV shows with creepy, ego maniac Muslim parents with 1000 kids.
If there was, I personally would mock them mercilessly, but that’s just me. I think ALL organized religions are stupid and pointless and I’m embarrassed for anyone over the age of 11 that takes those doctrines seriously.


The only horrifying thing? :confused:

As a list of tips on how to dress conservatively it’s pretty accurate, what am I missing?


Ok, Getting off this site! When did I say the sixties didn’t have it’s own issues? Definitely WAY to liberal extremist for me! Also, they tried a Muslim show, Didn’t work because it was to hard to shoot around the restrictions… And I seem to remember something about respect in the rule for this site, apparently you think using semantics to insult me shows respect for my opinion? I won’t hide behind innuendos, It is sad you don’t think me intelligent enough to notice your lame attempt at insulting me because you can’t explain how this is “creepy” , You are narrow minded bigots that have convinced your self that the stuff you are shoveling is true and have closed your narrow minds to any other opinion! So I will try to go to a site that can defend their positions intelligently. Idiots and products of public education for sure you are! ( I went to public school also)

I just reread all 3 replies to your comment and couldn’t find one single semantic insult (whatever the hell that is), or any insult aimed at you. Disagreeing with you is not the same as insulting you. Also, the article is not mocking or insulting Christianity. It’s mocking the Duggar family’s particular brand of Christianity, which totally deserves mocking, if you ask me. As for what’s creepy about the book, are you serious? Being told you should smile to attract eyes to your countenance is a little creepy. People can spot a fake smile from a mile off. It’s a little Stepford Wifey. And the part about spotting the problems with the dresses? Why were all of those pictures of girls? And what the hell was wrong with any of those dresses? Other than looking horribly dated, they were fine.


The subtext?

I was raised in a church like this until I fled at 18 and the micromanagement of my appearance as a female pre-teen by old white men who were so threatened by my “potential to tempt men” that I got in trouble for not sitting with my ankles crossed or for wearing pants and a tshirt has had lasting and damaging effects. I feel deeply sad for the Duggar children and others who are raised in that environment.


Obviously so! :laughing:

If …

… wasn’t conservatively dressed enough to allow secondary sexual characteristics to fade into background noise then your “old white men” were obviously rather messed up. Particularly if it was pre-teens that they were leering at. :confused:

But without any experience of that subtext, it’s just a puzzling post because the article on its own is only slightly odd rather than creepy.

Buhbye. We’ll miss you.


How dare they include the staff of Asclepius! These texts are nothing but satanic, pagan bullshit! :smiling_imp:

I have not seen such rictus grins outside the literature on strychnine poisoning.


Anyone else find it a little … telling … that the women in the “spot the eye trap” quiz are all faceless? I get the feeling that’s the way the Duggars like 'em.


That’s what happens when you don’t direct people to your countenance! Use it or lose it!


I have to say that the only thing that makes it “creepy” rather than simply “incredibly dated” is the connection with the Duggars. This was an utterly standard lesson in dressing for ‘polite society’ in the 50’s and 60’s. I can remember this exact kind of article in my school, probably in health class (because that’s where they put the social skills classes), but with black people in the drawings. Ours didn’t have the religious references, but it was a public school in the late 60’s.
It may be seen as “creepy” that people are still using these dated guides, or choose to dress conservatively, but some people do. Amish, Muslims, Mormons…hell, Mr Rogers would probably not disagree with much in that guide. (I’m not giving up my sandals and Hawaiian shirts, but if you want to dress like Floyd the barber, be my guest.)