Creepy fashion tips from the Duggars’ Christian homeschool cult curriculum

The amount and form of religious references are a bit creepy, mind you - at least to me.

I’d say it comes across as creepy because these people also teach that women have no bodily autonomy. They’re owned. First by their fathers, then by their husbands. And the husbands don’t own their own bodies either. Those belong to god.

So it’s pretty much a human centipede of slavery if you as me.


Well, having grown up quite religious, they aren’t as jarring to me, probably. I came to my atheism rather late in life, and most of my family are very devout, so religiosity does not strike me as being quite as automatically sinister as it does to most BBers.
The cultishness of the Duggars is miles away from my experience as a Southern Baptist.


So what do these people have against the word face?


I’ll bet the Duggars’ list of household chores on the fridge would be creepy if you know who wrote it…it’s like they have the Midas Touch of “Eeew”.


yes. The clothes and hairstyles are dated, but much of this is exactly the sort of advice that is still in popular “teen” and “beauty” magazines. The creepy thing is the fact that this is considered a reasonable substitute for actual school learning. Gutting the science and health curriculum and replacing it with material cut and pasted from 30 year old issues of “Woman’s Day,” IS creepy.



And now he’s gone forever. @George_Makdad, We hardly knew ye.

And I’m actually pretty OK with that.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone be so ready to acquire insult and hot foot it before. Maybe he’s trying to earn a badge in some other community somewhere. LOL


I’ve seen similar fashion guides before (a loooooong time ago), but this one is obsessed with making people look only at your face. And if anyone looks at any other part of your body, it’s YOUR FAULT!


It seems to me he’s offended because we didn’t respect him the way 60’s style traditional family values would dictate. By forcibly sticking our hands down his pants, then relying on our powerful friends to hush it all up. Just like the Duggars! Man the world sure was a more respectful, pleasant, and safe place when all the same heinous shit happened as today, but noone ever acknowledged it or did anything to prevent it!


There do seem to be a set of common traits to preaching across religions:

  • you should do what we say because we represent God.
  • you should dress and be like us.
  • women should be modest and not answer us back

The hair thing seems to be an indicator. If you have short hair, then the next generation has to have it shorter, until you end up with skinhead cuts, or head shaving (but, interestingly, not both as far as I can see); while if you have longer hair, then your disciples must never cut their hair, and so on.

There is a niche in the market. I therefore announce the First Atheistic Church of Medium Length Hair, where people can do and be what they like provided no-one is hurt. Ladies can be immodest. Instant absolution for anyone with male pattern baldness.

Okay, back to topic…

Here, the Duggars have a white preacher with a skinhead cut saying that people should not have curly hair. That is creepy.

And PLEASE this thing called “editorials” unless this whole thing was supposed to be a joke and not a thinly veiled show of hatred of Christians. Where is the “Creepy” Comments on Muslim dress standards? Or is it just Christians you mock? Or maybe Your just afraid of another incident like France or Texas?

You seem to be urging Muslims to fight Atheists, to do your dirty work for you. No, I think both of us are too smart to rise to that sort of thing. However, inciting hatred is not cool. If this is your idea of doing God’s Will, then your God isn’t cool either.

Expecting this to not be posted for long.

Ah, then you misjudge us. If there is a wasp in the room, we like to know where it is. If there is someone out there spreading religious hatred, then we want to see them for what they are.

Come to think of it, you don’t really sound like a regular Boing Boing reader at all. Why not stay awhile? You sound like you could do with some mellowing out.


I present the United Church of Bacon, who have no official dogma, do not accept donations, and only is in place as a protest against the numerous, illogical, irrational, offensive, absurd and unfair privileges the religious enjoy by claiming said privilege for itself.

You don’t even have to like bacon.


Yeah, I grew up in a distinctly non-religious environment (east Norway, in the 80s/90s, and I don’t think there’s a religious person in my entire family). This level of blatant religiousness in daily life is very weird to me.


I had not heard of the UCoB before. Thanks for that. The First Atheistic Church of Medium Length Hair herewith burns the only copy of its Holy Post-It Note of Truth, and shuts up shop for good.

Yay! Go, Baconeers!


I’m expecting you to be told you’re wrong for a loooooong time. Because you are. Wrong.


Every time i see someone say that, I want to ban them and put Personal Request as the reason why.

It’s probably a good thing that I am not a moderator.

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If you think THAT’s creepy…

With such lovely headings as “If abused was not at fault” (emphasis mine), or “If you had to choose” (between suffering no abuse and being spirtually awesome because of going through that, which would you want?)


I wanna take the quiz!

  1. The lace trim at the bottom of the dress draws attention to the upper shins.
  2. The sleeves are pushed up to below the elbows, exposing the wrists.
  3. The lace scapular isn’t long enough to fully cover the torso as a second (third?) layer of fabric.
  4. The slit in the back of the long straight skirt makes it possible for a woman to run away more easily.
  5. Bow too small to look like a clown tie.
  6. Thick tights draw attention to shins and ankles.

What do I win?


A wolf-whistle and Eternal Damnation!