Duggar parents explain how women defraud by the way they dress

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This really pisses me off. Just young women? Is there no hope?


…with hairstyles from 1991, and ideas from 1921.


If Christian~Conservative men could get pregnant, we’d have Abortion Clinics on every street corner in the USA!


Yes, I know I’m ranting, but 4 espressos and copious oatmeal made me do it!


Funny how conservative Christian logic resembles Taliban logic. When women are at fault for lack of self control of some men, you will end up with women in burqas.


It always makes me wonder if men like this realize that they are confessing to being weak and cowardly when they make such arguments. It would be pathetic if it weren’t so harmful.


I’m with you on this. I shouldn’t be angry this early in the morning.
If they could get pregnant I think you’d still have them ranting and raving about all this mess. They’d just take advantage of the healthcare benefits available to them in secret and deny deny deny.


In this brand of Christianity (and in many other conservative christian groups), women don’t have “visual based desires” so men don’t have to cover up.

It gets kind of confusing as a teen girl, because you’re simultaneously told to look more attractive to guys by being slightly less modest (in my case, by parents) and also to be modest (by your parents and the church). You get brain washed into being one way as a kid, and then it kicks back in your face by the time you reach the age your parents think you should start “courting”, you’ve actively been alienating the opposite sex.

Don’t even get me started on what it’s like to be LGBT in this scenario.


Rant on! You’ve got the same thing coming out of your ass that the Duggars have coming out of their mouths.


Criminy, this family just gets more and more fucked by the minute. I’m afraid to see what’s next.


I thought, this would be a text about how push-up bras, taped cleavage and excessive make-up are used for false advertising and thus luring a male into a trap, but alas - it was just modesty drivel by fundamentalists. Well, at least they let the women leave the house.

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No, no, no. It’s defrauder shaming. Get your facts/terminology right.

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This isn’t even slut shaming - it’s just flat out female shaming.

And really while it impacts what the females do it’s more demeaning to the men – they are so weak that anything a female does to make themselves look attractive is going to but them over the edge!


I’m just being lazy and teaching my son to control his own desires and not blame others for his emotional feelings.

But then, I guess I’m one for personal responsibility.


It’s difficult dealing with people like this.
I think most folks are pretty honest generally, and so when having contact in any way with other humans, we tend to operate under the assumption that they are at least sort of honest as well.
These two parents are nothing more than ego-maniacs. And they raised kids in their image.
They found all the right things they need to feed into their bullshit - dozens of kids, a stupid TV show for people to gawk at, a religion that codifies the whole mess…
It’s nothing more than a craven search for more and more attention.
All you have to do is watch the show for 5 minutes and listen to them on camera.


What about the Newspeak definition of “defraud,” which is not anything like the actual definition of “defraud”? Seriously, they might as well just say “Girls who dress immodestly commit extortion and murder, because ‘extortion’ means ‘wearing immodest clothes in an effort to look nice for the object of one’s attraction or because one simply enjoys it’ and ‘murder’ means ‘potentially damaging one’s reputation with uptight grownups.’”


[quote=“sdmikev, post:15, topic:58404, full:true”]
It’s difficult dealing with people like this.
I think most folks are pretty honest generally, and so when having contact in any way with other humans, we tend to operate under the assumption that they are at least sort of honest as well.[/quote]

It’s been several years since my last theology class, but basically, everyone is born bad (Sinful), and unless you are Christian (or in this case, the right kind of christian), you don’t have hope to change unless you choose or are chosen to be a Christian.

So, they don’t assume everyone’s honest. They assume everyone is varying degrees of terrible.


The Duggars need to read the lyrics to the Cole Porter song “Anything Goes”. If a glimpse of ankle can be shocking, a “countenance” hovering over a modestly draped body can be a turn-on as well. Consider all the nonsense around what a woman licking her lips in public “means”. Not to mention the long hair those girls are sporting in that photo.

And @frauenfelder 's point about “1921” doesn’t really hold since the 1920s also saw people who named their dog “Clitoris” and songs like “Ain’t We Got Fun”. Every era has repressive idiots in it. It’s just they’ve been getting gradually louder in this era since about the 1980s.


It’s worth taking a look at the What Did Josh Duggar’s Counseling Look Like? post over at the always-excellent Love, Joy Feminism to get a glimpse at how this sort of thing permeates that particular culture. It’s not clear THAT they used that particular “counseling” program (or that there was any counseling of any sort) but it’s certainly in line with what they might have done, and with the modesty culture in general.

A terrible little pull-quote about the author and organization behind those “counseling” materials:

The Duggars have long been avid followers of Gothard and his ministry. They’ve used their platform to promote Gothard, his teaching material, and his homeschool curriculum, which the family used until recently. The older Duggar children have consistently attended ATI seminars and retreats, including Journey to the Heart (for the girls) and ALERT (for the boys). Gothard was outed as a predator of teen girls last year and removed from his leadership position, but the Duggars continue to serve for speakers at ATI conferences. The Duggars’ connection to Gothard and ATI is not incidental or tangential.


I watched a few episodes of 19 kids and counting. In one episode, one of the older daughters said that the older girls in the clan had the same 80’s mall perm as the mother because “that’s the way Daddy likes it.” I stopped watching and took a shower after that.