Democratic lawmaker says women invite sexual harassment with the way they dress


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News Flash: Not all politicians are reasonably intelligent or have filters between their brains and their mouths.


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Nor is stupidity the sole province of one side of the aisle.


I sort of get what she’s trying to say, but it’s founded on the absolutely false principle of “Men can’t control themselves when they see a woman dressed attractively”.

No. No, no NO. Also NO. And then some more NOOOO on top.

I don’t care if everyone comes to work butt-ass naked, there’s no reason why guys can’t keep it in their pants, outside of obviously not wearing them in that scenario.

It’s a terrible argument, and it ignores situations like in hospitals, where everyone (with patient contact) dresses in scrubs and yet somehow harassment still occurs. It’s a social acceptability problem, not one of provocation.


“No. No, no NO. Also NO. And then some more NOOOO on top.”

With a side order of Nope.


Christ, what an asshole.


I think this is a great victory for equality, really. It shows that nature in her wisdom grants toxic idiocy to everyone, regardless of, evidently, gender or political affiliation.


Unfuck her.

the finger


late stage senility?


As long as #metoo only manages to eject male politicians, when this kind of thing can go unchallenged, then it’s not going to make much of a difference in the long term.


Folks, I have to confess that the sight of a bare female ankle drives me into a fit of uncontrollable lust, the severity of which, I must unequivocally state, leaves me unable to claim responsibility for my own actions. I froth at the mouth, I hump furniture, I gaze hungrily at sheep/dogs/exotic lawn ornaments. Indeed, it seems I can hardly pass by a suggestive bush without it inviting some sexual harassment on its’ rustle-y part.


I nominate you to win the internets for that wonderful aside at the end of that sentence.


My grandmother was like this, said similar things.

And to be fair, her longtime husband (my dad’s stepfather) indeed was a serial philanderer. And really, all around piece of work.


I went and looked at the linked article in case there was something elided in those three dots (hard to imagine what it could be, though).

Anyway, whoever chose the picture at Politico did a great job. The two men whose faces you can see are like “ho, hum, some woman is nattering on about something” and the women are like “WAIT WHAT?” Probably an unrelated archival picture, but still great.


I gather that even swingers have protocol and manners and respect.


Yeah, my first thought was “This woman has been cheated on… And blamed the women her husband cheated with instead of, y’know, the guy that cheated on her, because the old-school way of thinking was that ‘this is just how menfolk do’, instead of ‘yeah maybe don’t try and screw everything with a handbag and a pulse’”.


Married to a sex therapist, and have swinger friends - AFAIK they have way better boundaries/manners/protocols than most people, because they have to.