NH Republican lawmakers harass female state rep who objected to sexist law


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Well obviously any nation that espouses Christian values couldn’t possibly condone an exposed nip—OH MY GOD AVERT YOUR EYES BABY JESUS!!!


I guess it’s sweet, albeit a little pathetic, that this guy is willing to die just to see her nipple… but then he is Republican, desperation does crazy things to them.


We’d seriously be better off with random fifth graders in charge.


No offense biped, but I think they already are.


RANDOM ones, not specifically the most annoying ones! :wink:


In other words, “You’re forcing me to sexually assault you by showing your nipple - you monster!”
“Christ, what an asshole” doesn’t cover it.


The grammar and spelling is bad, the misogyny is unbearable. I contacted both of them to express my opinion on the subject, and I think anyone else should do the same.


Wow. Well, hopefully next year when it’s 1956, we’ll be more forward thinking…


No Baby Jesus NOOOOOOOO!!


Monkeys from the zoo would do a better job than these idiots.


It seems to me that there is an alternative that would allow the bill to pass and render it gender equal at the same time.

Amend it to include men’s nipples as well.



The boob in the background is OK, but I find the boob at the podium offensive.


more nipples in the american discourse please


They just really can’t help themselves any more, can they.


If Josh Moore can’t stop itching his balls in public, I guess I have no choice but to stare at his genitals and grab that stubby nub myself to see if I can fix his problem.

seriously, this is from his campaign website:

I’m pretty sure this makes him Christian Taliban … armed thugs enforcing dress codes on women.


It’s a perfectly biblical (hell, even a koranic) viewpoint.
“If your eye causes you to sin it is better to cut it out and go to heaven blind than to burn in hell” Also, those nasty crotch bleeders are making you sin with your eyes, so they should all be wrapped up tight in a hijab or something.


Well… Duh? He’s a dominionist. There’s a lot of them in state legislatures. The kind of people who unironically believe that the constitution and the founding fathers were inspired by moses. Because… He was a guy who led some people, right? Never mind that democracy is basically the opposite of a biblical theocracy.


Live free or die, New Hampshire!