Cop bravely attempts to stop mother from breastfeeding her baby


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Very pro-breastfeeding. Anyone who finds that offensive needs to get therapy. Though I guess we can also blame our puritan roots.

ETA - actually my mom told me a funny story about this just a few weeks ago.

I guess she was breast feeding me at a party or some other get together and a little girl said, “Mommy, that baby is so hungry he’s eating his mommy!”


Oh, flyover country, you disappoint me so at times. I say this as a person who lives in flyover country.


What, no blame for the evangelicals currently trying to wreck all our nice things?


Is it an evangelical thing to be against breastfeeding? I dunno. I know a few people who are in that category, one is a doctor and so body parts don’t bother her.


We can add “breasts” to the list of things that frighten cops:

Blinking LEDs
Black/Brown adults and children
Direct eye contact


It’s the in public part that seems to set off those who live to be offended. Also, female breasts = sexytime in too many ‘conservative’ minds.


It could have been much worse. I’m glad she’s OK. Is this a trend?


Fuck. I hadn’t heard that before. And the worst part is:

NYPD Cop Who Killed Baby Cleared Of All Charges”

Fuck this society is a sick society.


To some, breasts are more dangerous than guns. This is the society we live in.


Don’t worry about that story, it’s a satire news site.


is it? OK I didn’t know that. But the fact is the story seems 100% believable.


Your mom was breastfeeding you a few weeks ago? Uh, how old are you?


Awwww, it’s better when they get really mad like that.


A big problem with that is that many people in the Americas don’t have puritan roots, so don’t feel obliged to what puritans may think.

Call me conservative, but if the norm has been people going semi-clothed and breastfeeding in this area for at least 5,000 years - I don’t exactly feel compelled to change it because some colonial-types want to faint. Like Jindal said: “Immigration without assimilation Is invasion”, so maybe it is about time that tourists learn how to live in the Americas.


Also, frisking them and searching their patrol cars. Which one would think they would completely understand!


True - but they appear to have affected the culture. Any group can have a cultural impact out side of their immediate numbers.

While blaming European invaders is tempting, in general Europe now has a much more relaxed view of nudity. So I would suggest a change in culture between the Americas and Europe. Maybe because their prudes left.


A mark of good satire, I guess…


Quick thinking, Omaha Police Department PR intern!


65 million years is definitely way too young. I found a 2011 paper that gives the split between placentals and marsupials about 160 million years ago, and then with monotremes about 180. They all produce milk but only the first two have nipples, so they would have originated between those two times.

I know that’s pedantic and beside the point. But I’m indulging because (1) I think people might appreciate the illustration, which helpfully shows that monotremes are animals like platypuses, marsupials are animals like kangaroos, and placentals are animals like bats and athletes that hold them:

And (2), because I felt more like talking about biology than sociopathic authoritarians. Just for today, I promise.