Mom spies penis drawing in Netflix kid’s cartoon and is "extremely disgusted"


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Oh is that woman ever going to be the recipient of buckets and buckets of dick-pix.

Not from me. I don’t condone such behavior in any form, ever.
But not everybody is me. Just sayin’.


Without knowing the children in question, I can say that there is a roughly 50% chance that any one of the kids sees something like that every day.


Big deal, one of the UKs longest-running children’s shows is called “Blue Peter”.


And this is what children’s playgrounds look like here:


Frankly, knowing the show, I strongly doubt any kid that it would appeal to watching would have picked up on this. However one has to wonder about the mind-set of any adult woman that manifests such a hair-trigger sensitivity to penis images. A textbook Freudian response if there ever was one.


That’s exactly the sort of thing a child might draw. How dare they.


I was terribly disappointed when our kids no-longer had any interest in making snow penises. That used to be their main aim when ever we had snow in the yard. Sadly, they seem to have grown out of it.


Never fear, the teenage and young adult years should bring that urge right on back!


“I know that something like this should not be in a kid’s show whatever,”

I think she meant:

“I know that something like this should not be in a kid’s show. Whatever.”


Oh no; a badly-drawn barely noticeable pictogram of a peen!


We live in a time where hair-trigger sensitivity is the norm. The slightest perceived infraction has people throwing fits.


Which brings me to:

…in, for example, a textbook.

(I know I sure did; I’m the statue of limitations has long since run out.)


I wonder: are there any other Easter eggs lurking in Maya the Bee?


I wish my penis was that big …


They’re both now teenagers. Their interest in penisies (especially their own) is likely at an all-time high. They just don’t want to make models of them in the snow anymore.





Oh, by the way, those mushrooms, hehe… look a lot like Psilocybe semilanceata aka liberty caps. How delightful! Err, I mean disgusting!