Big blue penis painted legally on the side of building shocks Stockholm residents, who demand it be taken down


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Again with the weird and hypocritical sexual hang-ups of humanity.

I kinda fluv this woman for constantly challenging society’s issues with human genitalia and sexuality in general.


I’m thinking they are more shocked that it is apparently a Circumcised penis - and may be thinking their is some muslim conspiracy (considering less than 2% of Europeans otherwise are circumcised).

I wonder if the balls are blue too. I know that feeling.


oh no! A painting of something half of humanity walks around with all the time. We must get rid of it.




Big blue penis painted legally on the side of building shocks Stockholm residents, who demand it be taken down

Throwing ice water on it might help.


I shan’t.


Thanks. When the article insisted this was just this week, I had some serious déjà vu, but I was thinking of the red wang in NY, not the blue wang in Stockholm.

I guess that’s what happens when you base a society on a story about knowledge of reproduction (forbidden fruit) resulting in body shame. But hey, a symbol in the shape of an ancient and gruesome Mediterranean torture device, go ahead and plaster that all over the damn place.


If you lived in the building immediately adjacent to the painting and could see it on a daily basis out your window, I imagine it might be somewhat disconcerting. Rather like having a neighbor who plays loud music from 9-9 daily; even if your tastes are congruent, you might not want it as a constant.


Excuse me, I seem to have left something somewhere, have you seen…?



This is my penis. There are many like it but this one is mine. My penis is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my penis is useless. Without my penis I am useless. I must fire my penis true. I must shoot more than my rival, who is trying to outshoot me. I must shoot before he shoots. I will.




New band name!


Dark Helmet

Heh, heh, heh!!

Okay that’s it for me on this thread. It’s Friday. Got things out of my system.


I uhm…*looks again at proportions of the giant, turgid, blue penis in the mural*… yeah, I’m definitely not walking around with anything that looks like that.


Is that… A security camera on the clitoris?

Now I’m genuinely curious what the statement there is.




Sorry, can’t engage you right now; I’m too busy having an awesome day.



The more she does, the more I realize how awesome she is!


Yeah, I agree, but at the same time, unmissable on the wall and erect. Some people aren’t that keen on unsolicited dick pics? I know my ex would make me not drive down that road with my kid in the car. (I am not sure of my decision if left on my own volition.)

That is really cool. The complex colors are exactly what makes my brain light up. I wanna see what it looks like up close - is it smooth or layered? Is there texture?