Mansplaining: The Statue


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What more do you need to say about that sculpture, really?


OMG, do you think there are hundreds of these across the academic world? Do you think a guy was creating these for all sorts of academic institutions?


I especially love the detail of how the woman’s legs have all the patina polished off.


That’s the speculation.

Also, this reminds me of Mallory Ortberg’s wonderful art history lesson from last year


Two things come immediately to mind:

  1. That dude clearly interrupted whatever she was reading.
  2. Her legs are the only part of that bronze statue that appears brightly polished, which is typically what happens when thousands upon thousands of hands touch one part of a sculpture (such as the snout of “Il Porcellino” in Florence, which visitors rub for luck.)


That boar doesn’t need to have hunting explained to him. Speciesist.


Have people jumped on The Secret Bench of Knowledge yet? I’m sure something horrible can be read into that with a little effort.


A college campus near me has a horrendous tree statue that was donated by a well-known artist. It’s pretty inoffensive–apart from just being ugly, but I wonder if these are donated and accepted by some administrator who doesn’t see what the problem is.

The one benefit of the tree statue is every spring the art students launch an “attack” on it. This ranges from giant sculpted cockroaches to the year a cardboard submarine blew bubbles and fired torpedoes at the tree. Everyone was sad when the submarine was forced to retreat.

Anyway, it would be interesting to give the art students an opportunity to take on the Mansplaining statues on their respective campuses, to either reimagine the statues or simply launch attacks on them.


Conundrum: If a woman sculpts a statue of mansplaining, is it (actually) ironic?


Not just mansplaining…


over it already.


We don’t have much sculpture on our concrete campus, except for a small sculpture garden outside the art department… right now there is a giant stone squirrel that I kind of love hanging out there. But since we’re right down town, and have been creeping out into the downtown area proper more and more, we’ve sort of incorporated some of the cities street art.


Obviously a campus full leg admirers.


Based on the dimensions of an average bench like that, it seems the woman is over 6’ tall and a size 00, and her head is half the size of the man’s. I think it’s the artist who needs some explaining done to him.


They should keep a statute of that guy in that pose at a vasectomy waiting room


Looks similar to the work of J Seward Johnson (terrible, terrible, terrible junk) Who specializes in art for the conservative mindset, i.e. putting ideology ahead of everything else, even doing a good job:


Is nunsplaining sexist too?


As a palate cleanser, or unicorn chaser, I offer Charles Ray’s Huck and Jim. An awesome and uncompromising piece of contemporary figurative sculpture.