Street artist erects a giant pink penis in New York City


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Mistake, no wonder it’s being covered up. The huge dick from New York is orange, not pink.


Do we now approve or disapprove of open displays of erect penises? I thought such imagery was triggering or something. Perhaps it is fine to do things that would normally be offensive if one does them as a revolutionary act or protest.


Mmm pretty sure this is the mother of all unsolicited dick pics.


We live in cultures where sexual violence and sexual abuse are constantly happening.

And you’re making it so much better with this severed penis.


Erects? I see what you did there.


Anthony Weiner is so jealous!


Man, hanging out with many artists over the decades I’ve heard some “Art Speak” aka “Total bullshit said with sincerity” and that statement is a masterful use of it.


Step 1: find a city composed of huge skyscrapers – our American representation of man’s urge to wag his dick all around the fucking place. Step 2: unveil a giant penis on the side of a building. Step 3. hey come back! Where are you all going? Wait, it’s a dick see? Come back please!!!


(reads artist statement)

So it’s feminist art?

Cool! Finally a piece of feminist art that makes dude-bros totally high five!


Christ! What a dick!


Humanity is so damn weird with our sexual hang ups:

Representational peen is ‘a-okay’; (build 'em everywhere you can! ) …but anatomically correct peen is “offensive.”

Big blue penis painted legally on the side of building shocks Stockholm residents, who demand it be taken down

I was on Broome Street on the 22nd, so I just missed it!


I’m okay with calling skyscrapers phallic symbols (or blunter terms), but does building a bunch of them really qualify as some sort of “male” obsession? Is there a more practical way to house many, many people/offices in a large city? I’m not saying there isn’t, architecture is far from my specialty.


I’m going to say that the obsession with building them taller and taller might be a bit of phallic symbol one-upmanship. But I have to agree that at some point in a dense urban landscape UPWARD is the more obvious option than OUTWARD.


Culture is complicated.


Well, it’s a feminist artwork. I would say you’re meant to be shocked by it, yet admire the artist for her audacity and iconoclasm, and then be apologetic for having a penis, and grateful for having it pointed out to you that your penis is to blame for everything bad that’s ever happened.


I’ve seen a lot of dicks drawn on random places/objects/people, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone claim it was feminist.


You’re of the “anything taller/longer than it is wide is a secret penis” school of thought, then?


I hope you realise, that mostly these building house dealings and wheelings of the corrupt capitalist empire rather than people.


Very few skyscrapers in the Western world (Asia might be different) are built for housing (for good reasons). Well, and the people who do house in such skyscrapers are rather well represented with Ms Carolina Falkholt’s imagery. Although, as the colleague upstream has pointed out she might have made a mistake in the choice of colour:

A quick reminder how that special dick likes to be seen and what Skyscrapers in NYC are really used for


EDIT: as I discovered there is a whole thing on Wikipedia on Phallic Architecture