Nation in uproar after cartoon breast revealed on Nickelodeon cartoon


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Well, female anatomy talks are only as fun as we make them.


Right…because her 5 year old never noticed that women have curvy bits - color me suspicious.


XXX? That’s not even close to XXX. People are way too uptight.

That said, I’m pretty surprised that would have made it to air. The reaction is pretty predictable.


It is a French import, after all, where boobs aren’t quite so scary…

Still, I wonder how many times the parents had to back up the DVR and freeze the frame to build up a proper level of offense on behalf of their kid.


Oggy is a French production, so for French standards it was perfectly fine. Europeans tend to be quite lassez faire about sexuality and more uptight about the violence.


XXX? Hmmmm

Shit a brick, I’ve seen more raunch on a bloody postcard!


Having just watched the clip on TMZ, I am struck that a character being poisoned and exploded is totally fine, but a seconds-long flash of flesh is ZOMG END OF THE WORLD! Our culture is pretty screwed up.


A popular Nickelodeon cartoon featured full-on big, exposed boobs

Those are cartoon boobs FFS. Whats wrong with US-America? Boobs are no WMD or some such - half of the population own a set and they’re harmless.

From the outside perspective the theatrics are hilarious. Blow someones brain out and no-one bats an eye. An added bonus is that the usual USian superiority complex regarding censorship is shown as selective as everywhere else in the western hemisphere.


That is a terrible drawing. I expect better of the French.


They’re harmless unless the person wearing them gets cancer.


It’s not seconds-long. It’s maybe a frame or three. TMZ paused it on the exact frame.


Father: See, women have breasts on their chest - you may have noticed Mommy has them.
Kid: Is that what Mommy looks like with her shirt off?
Father: No. Not even close. I mean, er… Oh look Gravity Falls is on!


That just makes it worse.

Forced to have a talk? About what?

“Son - I want to tell you something.”

“What is it daddy?”

“Son, I don’t know if you noticed, but there was a cartoon duck on the TV yesterday, and she had boobies.”

“Boo… bees?”

“Yes son, also known as tits, kazongas, melons, and in polite company, breasts.”


“Girls when they grow up all have boobies. Some are big and some are small, but you will spend 80% of your adult life looking at them.”


“Now that you know what they are, you will start to see them everywhere. TV, magazines, billboards, movies… even, your own mother.”

“Mama has boo-beees?”

chocking up Yes son. It’s true. It’s her dark secret we tried to keep from you. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry you had to learn it like this.”



That guy’s kid is going to be severely offended when he finds out what XXX is really all about; if the kid is that young, not too long ago he thought of breasts as “the cafeteria.”


“Forced”? Was he or she waterboarded into it? And also, what is there to talk about?

Isn’t it peculiar that those who insist that parents are the best choice for teaching kids about sex seem to be actually pretty uncomfortable talking about even peripheral issues.


True but if we follow that reasoning we better stop showing ANY part of the human body.

Sure, but then the terrorists have won.

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