Donald Trump rates his one-year-old baby daughter's breasts in 1994 interview


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Will already know Drumpf is a douchebag…


Still not as creepy as Ted Cruz…


And here I thought it was just Ivanka that Trump had a horribly creepy sexual obsession with. I guess he really does love his children equally.


Oh, I saw that on the Daily Show last night.

Just when I think that guy can’t get any skeevier, he ups the freakin’ ante.


Man, I feel creepy just thinking about the “rack” of his daughter now, as a 21-year-old. This, this is creepy beyond belief.
Something I notice about misogynists is that they usually are able to see the women they’re related to as actual human beings - their mothers, sisters and daughters. (They’re usually the only women they can relate to as something other than sexual objects.) With Trump? Not even that. That’s just how bad his misogyny is.


Someone in the media with access to Trump, please ask him this question: “Mr. Trump, in a 1994 interview with Robin Leach you commented on your then-infant daughter Tiffany’s legs and future breast size, saying ‘Time will tell’ if she would inherit breasts as big and beautiful as her mother Marla’s. Now that she is 21 and fully grown, how would you rate your daughter’s breasts? Do you think that they did in fact turn out as nice as Marla Maples’?”


Well that’s it. I’m definitely not voting for him now.


Because no parent has ever made any sort of joke like this before. NOT EVER. Right?


Asked in a national TV interview to name some qualities his little girl might have inherited, he goes for legs and tits. No, not ever.


Awww, you’re right. I bet we all do it. You sexually objectify your kids, right? It’s okay to be honest.


Dont have any myself unfortunately.

Its kind of funny how people are acting puritanical on this. It really isnt that uncommon in several places I’ve been in the world for parents to joke about this sort of thing with infant sons or daughters.

As a fer example, in a “respectable” neighborhood here in Tokyo I saw grandmother, mother and infant in the park. The mother is changing the boy’s diaper. Mother says something to the effect of “he’ll be hung like a horse”, grandmother says “just like his dad” and both laugh. That said, probably most people would have the sense not to make these sorts of comments on national TV.


Let’s not forget that this is the same daughter who he’s repeatedly said that he’d like to date if she wasn’t his daughter.


OK but same again, some fathers say that kind of thing. Sometimes it comes off creepy, sometimes it doesnt, sometimes its just “lets embarrass the kids”. But again again, context (time place occasion) do matter.

Standard disclaimer: I’m no Trump supporter by a country mile. I just see this thing as a manufactured outrage.


Yeah, and the funny thing is Japan has no previous form for this kind of thing whatsoever.


I dont understand what you mean.

Please understand also that just because I did one local storytime doesnt mean I’ve not seen the same thing elsewhere.


He’s got a really great relationship with the women. The women love him.

I hope he suffers the ultimate Drumpf disappointment - people stop paying attention to him!


Hey! Be fair!

Drumpf also sees women as campaign objects, as decorative objects - lotsa kinds of objects.


I’m pretty sure it’s his other daughter that he’s publicly declared his wish to have sex with.


Oh, well, that’s okay then. Trump spreads the love around.