UPDATE: Chicago Tribune's Ivanka Trump "If he wasn't my father, I would spray him with Mace" quote is fake


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ewwww… just ewwww.


Shocking. Oh wait Trump said it? Nevermind.


There has to be some great video or audio out there of Trump saying worse things.

Not that is would make a difference for his followers, or the GOP establishment.

Teflon dumpster fire.

2000: “I want a president I could have a beer with.”

2016: “I want a president who is an angry creep, sits on a gold throne, and affirms my hates and fears.”


Sometimes even Mace isn’t enough.



I don’t thnk dumpster fire really does it justice. More like, “levee breaking at the pig shit lagoon.”


Not quite as mellifluous


Trumpworld. Proving there is no objective morality by normalizing anything.



Now picturing a Fox News host chuckling over some leaked footage:

“Look, we’ve all wanted to bite the heads off of live kittens, right? It . . . it’s a fraternity thing!”

Addendum: Seriously, though: What would it take to make Hannity, or any of the chuckling boob gallery, reject Trump? Would any amount of lechery, bigotry, or ignorance suffice?


A lack of lechery, bigotry and ignorance would probably do it. No limits in the other direction.


Gun control.


No daughter should ever, EVER have to say a sentence like that about her father.
The fact that she felt the need to state this says everything you´ll ever need about Drumpf.


Might i suggest this type of mace?



Is that a mace gun? in case you really aren’t sure what type of fight you are planning on getting into?


Options and choices when dealing with any sexual predator.


There was a time when I would wonder how a citizen of Toronto might feel having Rob Ford as mayor. It wasn’t an obsession, it was just an idle fancy to imagine the cringing shame a leader like that would elicit in the people. And now I don’t have to wonder any more. None of us do.


He may have even served his constituents more loyally throughout the grift. Though personwise it’s hard to compare “better” when you’re weighing a rapist versus a domestic abuser.