Post your favorite dumpster fire here


UPDATE: Chicago Tribune's Ivanka Trump "If he wasn't my father, I would spray him with Mace" quote is fake

Like this…

or like this…?

Or did I basically just post the same thing twice?


not enough dumpsters

and the result will be ugly


No hyperbole allowed!


It’s a dumpster fire, sure. But a very boingy one.


But where would we be without hyperbole?

I made a rhyme!!


Wait, you’re saying it’s not, like one better than the Superbowl?

Awwww crap.


Over some # it should say

Reading time: xx minutes of your life you’ll never get back


This is the best I could do with OS X’s Preview:


I need to stop drinking beverages when reading these threads.

I just got a new laptop and three times today it nearly got sprayed.

Well played!


Unable to eat 4d cereal thats where.

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