Melting dumpster lid looks like a Dali painting


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Melting dumpster lid looks like a Dali painting

Had me fooled.


It would give a different impression if the headline said “Dali painting looks like melting dumpster lid.”


It is always summer in Phoenix.

It is always the surface of the sun in Phoenix.


Proposed title:

The Persistence of Stench


Four comments and nobody has used the phrase “Trumpster fire”?


Do we really need to make everything about Trump?


The Persistence of Trash.


This is the INTERNET! (kicks somebody down a well) If it’s not porn or cats, it’s snarky Trump comments. “It’s called reasoned discourse, not as clumsy or as random as snark, it was an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Before the dark times. Before the INTERNET…” Which we are not living in…


that dumpster is beautiful!


The roof on the carport of a nearby apartment building burned without setting fire to the parked cars. The heat melted all the cars’ plastic parts–bumpers, handles, trim. After the fire the cars looked like they’d been caught in a mud flow. Rather an eerie sight.


That doesnt look like a melting dumpster or a Dali painting!

Sadly Trumpophobia is a persistent infection.


And Trumpophilia as well. And that’s how authoritarian personality cults spread–they worm their way into everything.


Moved away years ago, but always visit my family there in August. Annoys them and reminds me how nice it is to be gone.


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