Corinthian Leather: the collected political nightmare photoshops


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ah, you opened the safe. the Pandora theory was the correct one. hmm, not surprising, but still sad.


I’d still vote for him over the other two.



I…I need to go now.


A million times NOPE.



I have an extra blanket. Take it, I think you could use one too.


Some of those were new to me.




Yeah this is a great body of work.

(A couple months back the ACLU had a picture of Donald at the top of its home page and something about it looked wrong. It took me a few seconds then I realized what the problem was: he had his eyes in.)




Funny how B*nnon doesn’t really look any different, as his face already looks like he was too drunk to escape from the fire at the homeless shelter before the dick-cheese tanks exploded


No need to get up. Just go on the mattress,



I apologise*. I was one of those who messaged our fearless artist, asking if he had a gallery. And I will be posting these images all over the Facebook comment threads of any idiot Trump voter who dares to make himself known to me.

*not really


Thank you. I will not be able to sleep soundly for a week.


sleep is overrated. coffee?


Dude, Trump is the fucking president. Why should you sleep soundly?



It’s faster.