You will never unsee Trimp: the fleshy, grotesque, mutated politician of your nightmares


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Aww. We aren’t supposed to witness His True Form until after the coronation.*

  • Trump 2016!




You will never unsee Trimp: the fleshy, grotesque, mutated politician of your nightmares


Every one of those are immediately recognizable. In a way, that’s the scariest part.


Wasn’t this an episode of The Tomorrow People?


Makes me think a little of the boss monsters from The Binding of Isaac.

In fact, now I really want to see something Trumpish in The Binding of Isaac. (But I suppose if I asked, the response would be, “You can already beat up Satan.”)


Sorry but compared to that horrifying painting of Trump nude from a little while back, these things are kinda mild. Brain bleach does not work for the awful image of that painting.


Yeah, “thanks,” UPSO…


I don’t get it. Are these supposed to be photoshopped or something? If so, it’s too subtle of a difference for the casual viewer.



I don’t get it. Why do these perfectly normal pictures of Donald Trump warrant their own post?


Needs more Cheetos.


He isn’t doing well enough in the polls, but if enough people become insane from seeing the elder god Trump he might have a chance of being elected.

The tentacles are being saved for the coronation though.


Why does that look like a clip from Into the Labyrinth?


Well they both ran on Nickelodeon at the same time but as I recall The Tomorrow People came on before You Can’t Do That On Television and Into The Labyrinth, running as part of the anthology series “The Third Eye”, came on after Dangermouse.

I can remember all that but have spent the entire day wondering if I turned the coffee pot off before I left the house this morning.


“This why we need to defund the lying, corrupt, scumbags at the USPS.”


Completely OT, I used to attend the same conference as the guy who was responsible for making sure your coffee machine didn’t catch fire if you left it switched on.

Unfortunately we still do not have an ISO or an IEC committee responsible for setting standards for non-inflammatory politicians.


That’s what they don’t tell you about being the word made flesh: some texts turn out better than others.