TOM THE DANCING BUG: Donald and John, a Boy and His Imaginary Publicist

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I dunno, lil Donnie’s facial coloring isn’t quite right. Needs more of that orangutang with pink eye look. Only the classiest, the hugest handed, smartest people get their spray tan like that. You know, like a bigoted tool.


I love that the imaginary figure is actually a pile of dollar bills.


Best TtDB I’ve seen in weeks!


I missed that detail…but this was pretty brilliant even without it.

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Bad enough that he has invaded the world of politics. Let’s face it, there are already plenty of politicians with fancy haircuts covering empty heads. But to see him in my favorite comic strip…It’s brain bleach time.

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This is inspired. Ha!

Wasn’t that Pat Buchanan? And also …

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It sort of begs the question, how many things are the American people expected to be afraid of at the same time? A Trump presidency is about as terrifying to me as a plague of enormous radioactive ants. Scary, but not likely. President Clinton the second seems like the much more likely thing to be scared of. Slightly less frightening than trump, but much more likely. Is one fear supposed to cancel out the other?

LOVE the Calvin & Hobbes riff!

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