TOM THE DANCING BUG: A Calvinesque and Hobbesian Look at Trump's Power to Pardon


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald and John invent the Pardonizer machine and realize its awesome power!


Ok, I have to admit…I adore Calvin & Hobbes. It is my favorite comic strip of all time. Using C&H to dis on Trump is kind of ruining it for me. You’re getting chocolate in my peanut butter and I do not like it.


I am loving chocolate in my peanut butter - keep it up!


I hear you. I posted the “You thought Einstein’s grades were bad…” frame in reference to Trump’s science pics, and then afterward felt really fucking sad. Bombastic, ego-fragile sociopaths are funny when they are finctional children, but when they are all-too-real adults in the presidency? C’mon reality, give us back our innocence…


I’d be willing to bet $500 that Trump has never uttered the word “metaphysical” in his entire life.


The pardon is in and out of the box at the same time. It’s like Schrodinger’s Pardon…


God, don’t call it Donaldball! Please don’t ruin that (admittedly super white/privileged/elitist) sport for me.


But perhaps one day he said “Hi, doc” and that makes him a metaphysician.

Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week unless I get a better offer.


Me too.

To each their own, but I loved it. Bolling’s last C&H pastiche, while not bad, felt a little off. This one was pitch perfect. I wonder if Bill Watterson will see it.


This kind of pastiche is tough to nail artistically, but I had a hard time discerning which character was actually supposed to be Trump. Borrowing so many of the visual characteristics of Calvin kind of robbed him of the usual distinguishing flags Tom uses in the more typical caricature, especially with both “Donald” and “John” having identically-drawn hair.


Hey, stop getting peanut butter in my chocolate!


I find the idea of multiple Donald Trumps slightly unsettling.




Nothing my searches are turning up anyway.

Darn it, I wanted that $500!


So that means you owe me…?


Offset them by one news cycle and they might cancel each other out.


Well, there is some potential for hilarity in it.


Wanted to like this, but it’s a bit too close to the truth, and made me sad.

(perhaps not the cardboard cloning machine, but the “logic” behind it…)


In theory, yes maybe. They would constitute a truely chaotic system, completely acting and interacting at random. Identifying any patterns or cycles would be a lot harder than, say, a three-body problem.
However, there probably would be the possibility to use all that randomness as some sort of random number generator for cryptographic applications.


There is a reason for that