A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at imaginary election fraud

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A Spaceman Spiff TDB? Just what the new year needs. Thanks, BB and Ruben (you genius!)


That third one is far-too-believable.

I remember a version of that joke from the early 1990s which involved Dan Quayle sending a congratulatory telegram to the mayor of Atlanta. It’s just that whilst we all thought Quayle was an idiot, we could still recognise that as a joke.


the last one is so great. recount the temperature!


I think that a Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at almost anything is worthwhile and instructive


These are the best yet.


They really are great parodies and I look forward to not seeing any new ones made!


I don’t wish ill on anyone; however, it would be perfect if the Whitehouse door hit a certain 45th President on the ass as he is leaving.


I know! Dead-on Trump commentary and incredibly apt Calvin and Hobbes references. We’re now at the point where Trump is so obviously inhabiting a Calvin-esque fantasy land that these are almost literally true - especially that first one.

He’s done similar, multiple times. (In this case, I would honestly not be surprised if he made this mistake, but the other way around, thinking the country was a US state.) It’s not just that he has a child’s understanding of the world and its countries, but he’s also both incurious and incapable of learning.

And that list is far from complete - e.g. the time he didn’t know the difference between “Balkan” and “Baltic” countries (despite his wife coming from one of the former) and started verbally attacking the leaders of Baltic countries for what happened in the Balkans, or not being able to understand the difference between “England” and “The UK” (even after his third official visit to the country, and after White House staff had obviously tried to explain it to him multiple times, despite having property there… and despite his own mother being Scottish).


Ah, the very last panel has brought me a hope and joy that I’ve not experienced with Bolling’s “a little to close to reality” comics recently.


To be fair, the UK government pretty much forgot about Northern Ireland being part of the UK when it came to brexit. So now I have to fill out customs forms to send stuff to the same country I’m sending it from.


It’s doubly weird that Trump couldn’t figure it out with his mother from Scotland, and, on a more personal level, owning property there. It’s like he’s not retaining, or even paying attention to, anything that doesn’t involve directly stroking his ego.

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