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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Super-Fun-Pak Comix.




I laughed a lot.

Then I crawled under my bed and stayed there because it seems like a nicer place than the outside


Slappy McSuddster cleverly references Monty Python.

I’m trying to focus on the silver linings here.


My world has felt B&W for weeks.

It doesn’t help that November here is perpetual grey skies, drizzle, and temps that stay in the low 40s.


Here’s a bit of 1980’s pop music to lift your spirits.


I think we can see what’s occupying his mind.



Somehow I never saw that video before despite having more of Morrissey’s catalog then you should admit to in polite company.


Stephen is a national treasure, and both intentionally and unintentionally funny.


This strip pretty much nails it


Ha, this is funny, but the real punchlines will come when his cabinet tells him “no, you can’t just fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or require that the congressional cafeteria only carry Trump bottled water.”


Its this kind of elitist cartooning that gave us a Trump presidency.

Stop making me laugh, you damn dancing bug. I want to cry.


I wonder if he is going to be a figure head, like Reagan, and just drift along easy, leaving everything to his subordinates, or if he is actually going to try to do the job. If he does the later, I can’t see him physically surviving his term.


His subordinates are shaping up to be worse than him. Discarded hard-line relics and a goddamn actual white supremacist.


It’s painful because it’s true.


It’s funny horrifying beyond comprehension because it’s true!

Given who he’s surrounding himself with, they won’t know any better. It’ll have to be left to someone else to break it to him.

I think it’s been clear for a long time he has no actual interest in doing the job. But he still won’t be able to resist sticking his oar in, at the very least insisting on filling positions with completely inappropriate people. Which we’re already seeing. His transition team is full of people as clueless as he is, and they’ve been forcing out some of the people who do have a clue. Eliot Cohen, formerly of the State Department, wrote an article asking other Republicans to reach out to work with Trump and help him - until he actually had contact with Trump’s team himself. The experience was so toxic, he changed his advice to: “stay away.” We can see how the next four years will be.


Trump has great people, the best people, yuuge people. And Trump is a hands on kind of guy; especially around the gusset region. Yuuge, great, best hands.


This is a riff on the strip Mr. Bolling did after 9/11, for those of you who haven’t been reading his work for the past fifteen years.


Man, his claim that he hired the best people was laughable at the time, when you looked at his campaign staff (there was so much dumb luck involved in his win), but looking at who he’s hiring now, it’s depressing.
I’ve been trying to figure out his criteria for hiring people. Anyone who doesn’t sufficiently support him is an enemy he’ll try to destroy, not work with (so there goes anyone reasonable), those who support him don’t necessarily get rewarded (because Trump himself has no loyalty), he preferences people he personally knows (but he doesn’t know anyone appropriate for the jobs), but he may be willing to follow the advice of people for whom this is all true. So Bannon and his children are going to have over-sized roles in his administration.

I knew it felt familiar. Appropriate, given that it’s a bigger disaster.


Scoot over. I did bring snacks though.