TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix


The funny pages are not funny anymore…



Please send rain. Parts of my state are on fire.



And yet Trump still managed to make the riff about himself.


Thank you so much for that link. I hadn’t seen that original strip, and thought this (Trump) one was brilliant. But it’s made even better having seen that one. which is amazing - and, paradoxically, might be even better because of the existence of this one!


That cartoon character is obviously looking for a job in chartered accountancy.


It has come up in a couple of interviews with him.

[A]fter 9/11 and Bush’s reaction, this changed on a visceral level. I began doing political installments not only much more often – like, always – but with real anger and passion. […] I remember that for months it seemed bizarre to me that I would write about anything else.

(Suddenly I recall it was right about then that Get Your War On was born.)


Back in 2000, NPR went to a rally for GWBush. The reporter asked a delighted middle-age woman what she thought about the accusation that Bush had the experience and intellect to handle the job.

“Oh, he’ll have good people around him!” she replied cheerfully.

Jebus. Such good people he got.

But I’ll be damned if Rove, Rumsfeld, and Cheney aren’t less scary than this new pack of creeps.


That woman could have been my mother who kept insisting that Bush really didn’t need to know anything because he’d have smart, competent people around him.

I finally said, “Well why aren’t we electing them?”


She was right - “good” in the sense of evil-but-competent. Trump surrounds himself with a mixture of mostly evil-and-incompetent and only a few evil-but-competents. I’m still trying to figure out if the incompetence will help alleviate some of the evil by interfering with its execution, or if the incompetence will just add another layer of shit going wrong. I fear it’s the latter.


Wow - I recognised the callback but I didn’t realise they were the exact same strips from the 9/11 comic.


Funny, I’m comtemplating moving to the woods, outside, but far away from anybody and anything. Seems much nicer than ‘civilization’ does, these days.


BREAKING: Donald Trump is a dishonest, greedy, manipulative narcissist who will morally bankrupt this country and divide its people. Good night.


Funny, that really warmed my heart. My granny lived in Blackpool - not the coastal town in the video but enough like it to pass, particularly to match my memories of visiting her there in the 1980s.


I think that there is generally a warm heart to Morrissey’s tracks. I’m glad it perked you up.


Is there a medical term for when something so deep inside you hurts? Like, not sharp, not sore…just ineffably aching…?


That is Trumpitis. You need a Trumpectomy.


The issue with a Trumpectomy is usually the apPencivitis that comes after the removal.


Said it before and WILL say it again: Bolling’s a genius.