Trump is angry at NBC News for using this photo of him, so please don't use this enhanced, enlarged version of it for anything


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The irony is that it’s one of the better pictures of him, and conveys one of his favorite expressions.

But sure, let’s make him happy and use, say, this one:

Or maybe this one?



I’m confused. His eyes don’t look at all like his mouth.


So… How did Mr. Lance Burson come by this information? Was he at that meeting Trump had with the broadcasters?

(Oh, if there was just one time there could have been a hidden camera in the room.)

ETA: I wonder if the whole tiny-hands thing came up?


What a baby.


The story has been repeated elsewhere, although without attribution. Apparently Trump is upset that the media too often run unflattering pictures of his double/triple chin. Y’know because he’s so svelte and sexy (oh god, I think Im going to be sick).
But, as they say–If the chin fits, wear it.
If these stories are indeed true, it means Trump has thinner skin than we knew before. That could be why he paints his face orange–his skin is thin enough to read a newspaper through.


I think it’s fair to say he’s not really fond of this picture

but for my money, this is the worst photo ever published of him, in a very crowded field:

Jesus, it makes me a little sick just looking at it. And to think of all the times he criticized women on their appearance!




It’s creepy how you’d hardly even know the picture was manipulated. It’s like those upside-down face pictures with the eyes and mouth inverted.


He’s right. This is the one you should be using:


I agree it’s uncanny


Baby-in-chief to you!




I never want anyone to complain about mouths for eyes again.


[quote=“SpyderM, post:7, topic:90057”]The story has been repeated elsewhere, although without attribution.[/quote]See, it’s tempting to suggest that someone in the Trump camp started this little fire as a clever distraction from Something Else.



Donald Trump is not impressed:


Eta looping fun