NBC fires Donald Trump over 'derogatory' remarks about Mexican people


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A new job for Alan Sugar?


They will eat him alive ( I’m sure was some morality clause in the contracts )


Well now he can concentrate on his presid- HAHAHAHA yeah nah.


This is the grandest, most luxurious, highest rated firings of all times.


You’re Fired!!!


The ghastly implication of this is that, at some prior time, NBC decided to pay Donald Trump to be himself on national television. Voluntarily.


Coming up: Trump conflates freedom of speech with a corporation’s willingness to provide a platform for that speech.



Doubling down on the racist drivel:


Christ, what an asshole… Doesn’t even cover it.

Can we do a new one? How about “Fuck, what a fetid sack of human garbage”?


wow! his prose is the very opposite of hauntingly beautiful.


At the very end, he does at least admit he’s unpleasant (or perhaps that standing behind him is, which would make sense for a man called Trump).


So does Oscar the Grouch.




NBC said it will no longer carry the Trump-produced Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

I’m quite unsure as to why this even still existed. I’m glad this gave NBC the impetus to dump this artifact of what should be a long-ago time.


Listening to Donald Trump speak is like sucking garbage juice out of deep shag carpet.

It’s unnecessary, gross, and likely to cause harm.


Exquisite. The consequences of free speech. You are free, mostly, to speak your mind (Donald doesn’t have one). But you aren’t free from/of the fallout after you open your mouth.


Oh Nooooos. How will we solve the big issues like World Hunger and World Peace now that our bikini clad advisers are going away!


Well I hope he stays in the race. Never give up, the Donald! We’re rooting for you and totally not mocking you! If at first you don’t succeed, try again in 2020 and 24 and 28…

I saw a map based on actual polling data pitting him against Clinton. It was a thing to behold, an ocean of blue with little red dots like Oklahoma and West Virginia. He got about 11 electoral votes.